Leaders Urge Restraint On Third Day Of Protests Over Police Killing Of Ethiopian-Israeli Teen

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Israel is bracing for a third day of intense protests over the police killing of 19-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli Solomon Tekah, with leaders calling for calm and restrain. .

President Reuven Rivlin appealed on Wednesday to members of the Israeli-Ethiopian community to avoid a “civil war.”

“We must stop and think together how to continue from here. This is not a civil war,” he said. The president added that “we must exhaust the investigation into the death of Solomon and we must prevent the next death.”

The victim’s father also urged restraint from both demonstrators and police, vowing to prevent another death.

“I want to thank all the people of Israel for supporting us, I ask the demonstrators not to act violently, and I call on the police to act with restraint and patience, and my son can no longer be returned, but we want a fair trial and a fair system of law. Another child will not be killed, “said David Takke.

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  1. It is a wonderful thing that the President can get up and call for restraint.

    I am on the streets and the Israeli police are not doing a thing.

    They stand on the sideline while cars and people are attached an beaten by the Ethiopians.

    I guess that the police and army are too tired from beating the charredi protesters just down the road.

    I have a few friends in the police department and was told that they fear the Ethiopians far more.

    They know that they are likely to attack back if they attempt to break up the protest.

    Worse is the fear of looting and wider spread damages to businesses and property.

    I guess in this county like in many others Jewish (religious) health and life is cheap.

    G’d forbid a camera take a picture of an Israeli beating a person on African decent.

  2. As long as the police who murdered the young boy in cold blood is not behind bars, the protests will continue and should continue. When the evidence to the shooting is rejected (like the evidence of the Florida school shooting where an innocent boy, the scapegoat, is sitting in jail for someone else’s crime and the witnesses suicided) these protests must continue. Enough of police crime worldwide. We need to take humanity back from leftist animals.


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