Leading U.S. Scholars Urge Obama To Commute Pollard Sentence

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pollard1An eminent group of North American legal scholars on Tuesday called on President Barack Obama to commute the sentence of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to time served – which would mean his immediate release.

“Such commutation is more than warranted if the ends of justice are to be served, the rule of law respected and simple humanity secured,” the scholars wrote to the president.

The signatories to the letter included Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and former Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General Irwin Cotler.

Pollard, a citizen of the United States, received a life sentence in 1987 for passing classified information to Israel while working as a civilian intelligence analyst. He was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995.

In the letter, the legal experts stipulated 10 considerations which, they wrote, should guide the president in his exercise of executive clemency in the Pollard case.

Read more at Haaretz.

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  1. Recent negotiations with the failed ‘peace’ process make clear that the Obama administration is not holding Pollard out of security concerns but rather for selfish purposes as a political pawn in order to extract concessions from Israel…


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