Learn One Perek of Mishnayos and Elevate Each Neshama

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Barely 2 weeks have passed since the tragic events at Meron and we are still in shock.

However, when faced with tragedy, Klal Yisroel responds by uniting around that which unites us- Torah. In the past 8 days, thousands of boys, from hundreds of schools and communities across the globe, have joined Ki Heim Chayeinu’s new program, undertaking to learn Mishnayos as a zechus for the 45 neshamos that were taken from us.


So many boys are doing it- you can do it too!

Sign up today at mishnayosformeron.com 

With Shavuos just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to take on a Perek of Mishnayos, joining the many thousands of Tinokos Shel Beis Rabon in being mesayem Shas Mishnayos multiple times.

This is not only a kids program- all adults are welcome; so go on and sign up for your Perek, or go to shasformeron.com to take a Daf of Gemara.

Don’t underestimate the power of your learning! In only a few minutes a day you can make a difference! 

Sign up now at mishnayosformeron.com 

Girls- wondering what you can do? Go to Tehillimformeron.com to join Ki Heim Chayeinu’s global Tehillim-a-thon.


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