Lebanese PM Blames Beirut Blasts On 2,750 Tons Of Ammonium Nitrate, Vows Punishment

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Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab blamed the deadly, devastating explosions that rocket Beirut Tuesday on a 2,750 ton-store of ammonium nitrite, vowing in a televised statement that “Those responsible for this catastrophe will pay the price.”

Officials reported at least 78 people killed and over 3,000 injured in successive blasts that caused massive damage as well as fatalities near the port in Lebanon’s capital. Diab said the stockpile had been sitting in a warehouse for years.

US President Donald Trump told journalists his generals told him it was “a bomb of some kind.” The Pentagon later said they do not comment on such reports when asked by journalists.

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    • I’d rather have a prattly unstable guy then a liberal who will institute anti religious and anti Israel/Semitic policies, not matter how unappealing and nutty he may seem.

    • Sorry sir, Hillary is gone and will never be back again to become POTUS. Be’ez”H President Trump will continue for another 4 more years or until Moshiach comes.

    • What’s the example you are referring to ? That he relies on his military experts on military matters? Should he perhaps consult with you and then you would support his bid to stay in power for four more years? Charles, you make less sense than ‘good ol’ Joe’.


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