Lessons to Be Learned from the Kerry-Ya’alon Incident

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moshe-yaalonHerb Keinon points out in a Jerusalem Post column that what was lost in the recent John Kerry-Boogie Ya’alon incident was what Ya’alon said: that Kerry is obsessed with the Israeli-Palestinian issue; that the negotiations are being conducted not between Israel and the Palestinians, but by each side with the Americans, not a healthy way to negotiate; and that the security arrangements the U.S. is recommending are simply not acceptable.

Ya’alon’s comment that it was unwise to run the negotiations through the Americans, rather than directly between the sides, is not outlandish, nor is his claim that Israel seems to have made all the concessions up until this point. Is a pledge not to wage diplomatic war with Israel in diplomatic forums around the world – what the Palestinians “gave” to enter the talks – equal to Israel’s release of 104 convicted terrorists? And as to Ya’alon’s remark about the unacceptability of the U.S. security plan, is it not his job, as defense minister, to voice his reservations?

No one should be mistaken: What Ya’alon said rather inelegantly many other Israelis are thinking.Khaled Abu Toameh, writing for the Gatestone Institute, points out that it is interesting how one comment from an Israeli minister has managed to strain relations between the U.S. Administration and Israel, while fiery rhetoric and street demonstrations against Kerry and Obama in the Palestinian territories and Arab capitals are completely ignored by Washington. Officials representing the Palestinian Authority have been denouncing Kerry almost on a daily basis over the past few weeks. But these condemnations do not seem to bother the State Department.

Just last month, Yasser Abed Rabbo, the PLO’s Secretary-General and one of Abbas’ closest advisors, said, “Kerry’s framework agreement is very dangerous.” Why, then, is Kerry not just as offended by the Arab condemnations? If Kerry really cares about the peace process, he also needs to ask the PA and Arab governments to lower the tone and stop inciting against him and the U.S.

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  1. What he said was the truth apologies are just a bandaid same thing with (rabbi) avi Weiss the vadd harabonim say the truth about him and then apologize. Emes has raglayim

  2. Matzav
    Why don’t we put up a newletter like this (lessons to be learned) when ever a major event or tragedy Chas v’shalom occurs? if we did, then maybe people-including myself-would learn from it & change our ways. then we can start heading closer to mashiach.

    May Mashiach come very soon


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