Letter: Rabbonim of Ramat Eshkol, Yerushalayim Release Covid-19 Rental Guidelines

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  1. Rabbi Berkowitz sent out different pesakim. This one’s gonna be fun. Renters are going to hold like the pska that favors them and rentors will hold like the other psak. Aint gonna end well. But you should post both sides.

  2. This is from Rabbi Berkowitz:

    1. Anyone who is under an existing contract and can’t come back must pay rent even for the time they are not here.

    2. Someone who was planning on coming for Pesach and reserved an apartment and then had to cancel his trip does not have to pay the short term rent he had obligated himself to pay. If a deposit was given already, the deposit may be kept by the landlord.

    3. A gan where there is a full year commitment has the following guidelines in paying for the times when there was no gan:

           1. The time when there should have been gan before Pesach one must pay 35% of the full amount 

           2. Vacation time during Nissan one must pay the full amount

           3. When there should have been gan after Pesach one must pay 42% of the full amount.

    4. A babysitter where people have a right to come and go at will, without commitment, one does not have to pay at all for the time when babysitting wasn’t provided.

    5. With regards to chadarim, yeshiva ketanah and gedolah the rabanim have put out psakim how much money they should be taking from the parents. We hope to be soimech on that.

    If the directives change and allow for ganim to open in a basically normal way, the Rav will pass the word on what the hanhagah of the kehillah should be.

    6. In regard to learning with a chavrusa, “The rav said if the learning can be done outside with the required precautions then one may learn with a chavrusah, otherwise long distance learning is advised.”

  3. Rabbi Berkowitz said that if you could have stayed and everyone knew there was a strong chance you could not come back if you go ,yet you decided to go ,then you MUST PAY FULL (the letter from Rav Weiner etc. Is only if you were a total OINES (which most couples are not ,as they knew whn they left there is a big chance they may not be able to return after yom tov)Good Luck to both sides -lets make a Kiddish Hashem over this issue!!

  4. There is an underlying factor in the letter from the rabonim of Ramat Eshkol. If there is no binding Rav on your contract then you can’t assume it’s one of those rabonim. This letter applies to a contract that has Rav Asher Weiss, Rav Shmuel Weiner, or Rav Akiva Dershuitz on it. REGARDLESS if you read it says if you can pay the full amount then do.
    This is clear that it’s not for everyone. You follow your Rav and speak to your Baal dira to be a yashrus Jew


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