Letter: Rabbonim Raise Concern Regarding Bishul on Shabbos Issue

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  1. There were advertisements and posters re: “SERIOUS SHABBOS PROBLEMS”. We think the Rabbonim were misled  albeit unintentionally.
    Anyone in the professional field of food service as chefs, managers, qualified mashgichim should be aware of some serious Shabbos issues.

    As an asides: Chafers delivered to families purchasing chafers of cooked food for Shabbos that have Dried parsley, Sesame seeds, Large grind pepper, Checked scallions, Micro greens, etc. that has been put into chafers by the caterer, become cooked as soon as the food reaches a warm temperature in the warmers for 5-10 minutes. So it would not be a problem to use those heated chafers with food on Shabbos.

    Note: None of the above may be put on Shabbos on to the food or into the soup even in the bowl if it was ladeled in from a klei-rishon. [OU- Manual page # 36]

    The “serious Shabbos problems” [ by Shabbos catered affairs as well] are the following;
    Ribs, roasts, etc. are cooked by the caterer to only 125 F internal temperature. Then it’s put into the warmer or oven to finish cooking to rare at 140F, Medium, 150F, Well done 160F, etc.

    Those  Ribs and roasts are “ossur” to use, as it must be “fully cooked before Shabbos”. The same is with chicken, as it’s only partially cooked by the caterer, to be finished cooking in the warm box or oven and  would also be Ossur.

    Re: Whipped cream in an aerosol can for decorations;  KCL caterers  do use it,  while the OU does not allow it to be used on Shabbos. Interesting.

  2. yaasher kochachem to them!
    are people aware – that even reheating dry cooked food on top of a pot , is still assur if there is some liquid thats being reheated eg gravy, sauce etc even if the liquid was already cooked before.!!!
    יש בישול אחר בישול בלח

  3. Yehuda Shain: Isn’t the halachah for “shiya” cooked at least to 50% (machol ben drusai)? Isn’t it just better practice to be bishul kol tzorcho?


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