Letter: Rav Michel Twerski On Home Depot Mats for S’chach

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  1. what are r twersky’s arguments? r fuerst clearly says theyre not mekabel tumah bec theyre meant for the ground. how is this argument refuted?

    • Rabbi Twerski is referring to the fact that there is an issue of maamid, which is only partially taken care of and only if you lay the mat perpendicular to the beams.

    • Thank you for the extremely useful link.
      Based on the explanation of the CRC, especially the chumros of the schach needing to be perpendicular to supporting boards and the reeds becoming posul if the develop a crack, I wouldn’t use these mats – there’s simply too much room for confusion and it’s far too easy to utilize these mats in a way that’s posul.

  2. What about the shaila of bugs, that could fall from the schach into the food you’re eating and then have the problem of tolaim? I think this problem was brought up last year.

  3. C’mon please! חס הקב”ה על ממונם של ישראל !!!!!
    The financial pressures of making 3 x 3 day yomim toivim, m’hudar arbah minim (for all the kinder too!), tuition, etc. etc. etc.
    Can we stop with chumros on the backs of hard working yidden?
    Let’s do some hiddur mitzvah on tzeddaka to aniyim and v’ahavta l’reyacha kamocha instead.

    • yes i sincerely agree with you & actually believe that this letter was written by someone who sells schach mats to try to convince people to buy from him.


      HONESTY IS THE BEST PRIORITY not trying to corrupt people to buying from you if you can get more affordable wood to build a sukkah from home depot or lowes then from a expensive sukkah service place

      Everyone should have a chag kosher v’sameach

  4. i am a dire chosid of our Mora Dorayso- Harav Michel Twerski and know for a fact that the Rebba many times refers people to Rabbi Fuerst.
    For someone to state that “actually believe that this letter was written by someone who sells schach mats to try to convince people to buy from him.” is prosperous and besmirching a Gadols name.

    I personally has used these mats in the past because of R’ Fuerst haskama but it is confusing and if not applied correctly can be a problem.

    I just emailed Harav Michel Twerski and his Son R Benzion to see if this letter is 1000% legitimate.

    I will say that Harav Michel Twerski is not known to communicate chumros so freely and what he does for himself personally is another. That stated if Harav Michel Twerski penned such an eloquent letter to communicate to his constituents and his sons kehillas in Chicago and Monsey to best use Schach Mats- then we his chasidim, talmidim world wide will follow. He did not put a ban on it if you read his letter. He emphasized the opportunity of hidur mitzvah includes the schach(which is the core mitzvah of sitting in the succah) – which is the core of the yom tov of succos. Sukkot is a message that we as yidden should be mhudar. From a rav that personifies hidur in midos,mitzvos, tefilla torah and yiras shamayin – those stating or questioning the Rebba letter should be mortified of their ignorant comments.

    • Thank you for a well written comment defending the halachik points, which BTW was NOT a psak issur, but simply a review of the applicable facts. How someone with ZERO evidence beyond their own paranoia can blithely accuse a rov of issuing a corrupt psak in order to make money is beyond me.

  5. att genug shoyn- “v’ahavta l’reyacha kamocha ” Go to Milwaukee and Visit Harav Michel Twerski to learn what is means v’ahavta l’reyacha kamocha – you will get a massive Good Shabbos Hug, dance after kabolos Shabbos, hear divrei torah from A Rebba of many chasidic dynasties who is also a Talmid of Harav Ahron Kotler who counts every minute he learns every day. And is there for his kehilla and for the world who call him for many issues of crises, brachos and eitzas all day and night with no private life. He takes on all the peoples tzoras. Thats true – “v’ahavta l’reyacha kamocha “


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