Letter: Rav Moshe Shternbuch Pens Missive On Imperative of Vaccinating

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    • What an idiotic comment. Does he have to reiterate the almost unanimous research in his teshuva?#AntiVaxxersHaveNoCheskasKashrus

  1. The lettter clearly states that he is excluding the American community from his psak. His argument that most doctors recommend vaccinating is flawed. It was mentioned on another website that 5 doctors in Israel stand to loose their doctors licenses for recommending alternative options to vaccines. So now doctors are forced to say that hey are safe, and now this rabbi is basing his opinions based on what these very same doctors – that are threatened with their license and livelihood, to say what the government wants them to say. It’s an outrage!

  2. A doctor is taught to follow protocol. If he doesn’t follow protocol he get’s fired. Simple.

    You cannot come to the conclusion that just because the Doctor is getting fired for not following protocol means that he is right. It could just mean that this Doctor is a danger to society and must be fired.

    If you analyze rationally every anti vaccine argument, you’ll see clearly that it’s built upon hot air and no logic. Sorry to be blunt but not really sorry because lives are at stake for their silliness.

    Besides the above argument, here are another few that I will address:

    Claim: Doctors only study vaccines for a 1/2 hour during their 8 years of studying to become a doctor.
    Answer: Even if true it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not a doctor’s job to analyze and study every medicine they prescribe. If they did it would take 1,000 + years to become a doctor. It’s their job to study symptoms of various different sicknesses, to identify the most likely source of the illness and how to administer the appropriate solution. How long does a doctor study antibiotics? I bet not much longer than they study about vaccines. They leave it to medical researches that are experts in that field. How long does a doctor study blood? There are experts in pathology for that as well. The same thing goes for vaccines. There are medical experts that are specifically trained to identify vaccines and how they work. They study much longer than a 1/2 hours. Most likely years.

    Claim: Doctors get paid to administer vaccines therefore they don’t want to see the other side of the coin.
    Answer: Doctors get paid for EVERYTHING they do, it’s not only vaccines. Why is it that for vaccines they aren’t allowed to get paid? The top doctors get paid even more. Does anyone claim that therefore they are worse or cannot be trusted? It’s just the opposite, if a doctor is in high demand than they can charge more. Doctors administer vaccines for one reason and one reason only. They accept protocols studied by thousands of researchers so they can provide a need for vaccines so they can save people and make money while doing it just like Doctors have done for millenniums. 99.9% of Doctors say that in their practice they have seen with their own eyes that there’s a much greater danger of not taking a vaccine than taking one. It’s only a small fraction of doctors that claim otherwise.

    Claim: Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars and bribe people in power to force people to take vaccines.
    Answer: Microsoft makes billions of dollars making software. Does anyone claim they are forcing people to buy it? That is what companies do, they fill a need and make a profit off of it. Pharmaceuticals are the most regulated in industry in the world. Any mistake they make costs them billions of dollars. They have a much higher change of making money by doing it right than trying to do it wrong. Of course they might try to influence the Gov’t to approve a drug but the FDA has to answer up if something goes wrong. The general way it works in business is to provide a good product that works and not get involved in shady things. There’s always that outlier that does, but in the medical industry it’s much harder to get away with it.

    Claim: The pharmaceutical industry invests more billions into advertisement than in research.
    Answer: So does most companies. If you look at the P&L and balance sheets of most companies you’ll see that many have a higher cost of Ads than product research. Does that mean their product isn’t good? Of course not. Ads bring customers to your product which in turn creates a profit which allows for more research. If they invested in more research and less ads they’re more likely to go bankrupt and then there be less drugs and less research.

    I think I was clear enough for those that have an open mind.

  3. Great pesak to the wrong question. The question is not if we should we be concerned that perhaps there may be a potential danger to the treatment recommended medically. But rather, the question is we have evidence that the entire medical industry is being bribed into lying, if we should still follow their false claims that vaccines are safe and effective. This is the absolute belief of the anti-vaxxers. If you are ambivelent, then you are unsure if such a bride is occouring, and perhaps the sheila would be how to rule in the event of such a safek. But either way, I didn’t see the word “shochad” mentioned even once in the teshuvah. Ein ledayan eleh ma she’einav ro’os. If you lye to him (intentionally or otherwise) you will necessarily get the wrong pesak.


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