Letters from Parents: Reopen Our Mosdos!

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  1. You may have a pint by you are overly emotional and illogical
    let them bring the pandemic to their community keep us safe

  2. Unfortunately there are too many karbanos already. I see more and more bachurim dreizach arum in the streets. Yes, B”H most are taking their learning very seriously over the phone during these trying times.
    I chapped a shmooze with a bais medrash bachur recently regarding his Yeshiva and when they will be reopening. He told me that he’s much happier now the the Yeshiva is closed. He said, now I have the ear pods in my ears when I learn with my chavrusa and I can stroll down Coney Island Avenue at the same time. He told me he even does shopping every now and then while he’s learning over the cellphone. Very nice yeshivish bachur. It caught me by surprise but I’m sure there are many more like this. I don’t blame them. It’s a very trying difficult situation for them. Not every home is conducive to learning. B”H my 2 older boys are in Yeshivos outside the City and they have reopened as before this whole Corona thing and everything is normal again. My girls B”H manage at home over the phone. A younger son has an alternating schedule with his classmates as to who learns in his Rebbe’s backyard and who over the phone. The whole social distancing thing amongst the kids is one big joke at this point. It’s time for Yeshivos to open. Those who are nervous or have extenuating circumstances should stay home. Why make a class of 28 kn”h remain closed because 2 kids Parents are nervous? As far as snitchers/mosrim, don’t get me started.

  3. Look at Israel they opened their schools. Why do people think that sakonah dissapered? Just because govt allows us to gsther doesnt mean we can’t be more machmir.

  4. Its the same craziness in NY. Some kehillos had the seichel to open their mosdos, but we, in the litvishe community, are plagued with a few “mosrim.”Not only do they want to follow the hypocrisy of the government, but they are willing to lose their ENTIRE chelek of olam habah by massering on others who see through the lies.
    Hashem Yeracheim!!

  5. why are all the comments that oppose the clear political agenda of this site not able to be posted
    #fake journalism

  6. I do not go to their protests, I wish them to stay safe, but if they don’t, I am not their nanny. My children, instead, I am obligated to care for and guard their health, as well as other family, and last but still to be counted, myself. We also need to make sure we don’t spread this evil disease to anyone else, because, you know, I would certainly not want to be responsible for that. If your children play for hours with the remote-controlled car, day after day, perhaps your husband or brother should learn with them. Also you write about “unstructured day”: I find it unusual that their schools are not sending material or arranging phone calls, or both.

  7. Sometimes I wonder if people forgot what we just went through. People need to listen to the medical experts who still say that we need social distancing.

  8. Not fools, Israel never had even close to herd immunity that is why an outbreak can always restart, the communities that got hard hit in America most likely reached herd immunity already. There have been minyanim and work places and many kids playing together that did not practice the fullest social distancing for already a few weeks and no new outbreaks have happened, the communities that did not have a serious outbreak BH and have been very strict with the social distancing, it would make sense to wait till next year.

    • “the communities that got hard hit in America most likely reached herd immunity already”

      Actually that is not accurate. I just looked up the positive test rates by zip codes for NYC. None have a rate over 35%, and none of the high test rate areas include any of the large frum communities.

  9. Where theres a will, theres a way, to keep our children out, will cause more damage, we did not come this world to live, we came here to die as a JEW!!!


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