Levaya of Martin Grossman Held in Monsey

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martin_grossman_funeralThe levaya of Martin Grossman, Michoel Yechiel ben Avraham, is taking place at the Nikolsberger Bais Medrash, located at 6 Milton Place in Monsey, NY. The levaya began at 8 p.m. and Tehillim was said.

Kevurah will take place at the Chessed Shel Emes Bais Hakevaros, located at 74 Hysana Road in Liberty, NY, at approximately 10:15 pm.

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  1. It was at the request of the niftar to be put to rest in NY as the NYers tried to assist him and the Floridians did not. The owner of a private jet brought him to NY free of charge and he was taken to Monsey as he is being put in Liberty free of charge by Chesed shel Emes. Monsey is closer to Liberty than Brooklyn is and to save time he was taken there. By the way, Chesed shel Emes has never yet made a parlor meeting of any other type of “schnorr”!

  2. to #2. Chas v’shalom! If they really wanted publicity there are much better ways to do it! STOP. And that is STOP!!!!!! Especially on such an article and case!!! Just STOP IT!!!!!!!

  3. While I am terribly saddened by this entire episode I find it offensive for someone to post that the niftar died “al kiddish shem shmayim”. While indeed the niftar is a Yid, he certainly did not die because he was one.

  4. I can’t help but think of the Parks family.

    Mr. Grossman was a fellow Yid and deserves a kosher burial, but he was also a murderer. Please let’s not treat him like a tzaddik, hero, kadosh, or martyr.

  5. somebody explain to me please – is this man a Rotzayach or not? Didn’t he intentionally kill another person? How did he all of a sudden become the “hero” who died al Kiddush Hashem? Because the last short part of his life he may have done some soul searching and found G-D? Frum he wasn’t – he chose a chicken sandwich from the canteen for his last meal.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do feel bad, very bad. I said Tehillim, I davened for him, I called the Governer and emailed and did what I was asked to do but am I supposed to treat this as a tragedy in Klal Yisroel? Nebach the little boy who was killed this morning by a bus – that is a tragedy! But I am having a hard time explaining to my children why there is such an outcry and so much attention about a man who knowingly murdered a lady and how until 2 weeks ago nobody so much as cared or even knew about this and then all of a sudden we are supposed to stop everything and make this our mission? I don’t get it?

    Why are we not knocking down the walls and flooding the emails and phones of every politician and judge and attorney to help Rubashkin? There is a frum man, a Torahadiga Yid who didn’t kill anyone, who didn’t hurt anyone and at worst may have misused money who can’t get bail, who is in solitary confinement and someone we can help.

    Please someone explain all this to me

  6. Was he a shomer Shabbos? Can he be buried with ehrliche yidden? His final meal, by his own request, as documented on this site, was chicken from the house kitchen, so the man was not eating kosher when kosher was available (they’ll get you anything you want for the last meal). He may have done teshuva for his maase retzicha, but he was a mumar le’echol neveilos even to the last meal.

  7. you people ARE so wrong reb martin was a haylega neshama we must trust in the power of teshuva if you dont think martin is a tzaddik your a kofer

  8. Im still shocked at why there was atefillah gathering on Tuesday. The last time they stoped seder for ten minuts to say tehilim was for a baal tzedakah who gave millions of dollars to tzedaka.there are people dying of cancer and nobodys stops seder… but for a non relegious rotzaich!!!! TEN MINUTS! this whole story is sad…but for a whole difrent reason..somebody explane please.

  9. #5 is absolutely 100% correct.

    Michoel Yechiel HY”D Grossman became a baal teshuva, which wiped out his entire slate from before that time and was considered a 100% tzaddik gamur from that time on.

    As an aside, the crime he did in the mid ’80’s does not fall under retzicha al pi halacha; and punishment is not misa al pi halacha.

  10. why did it take so long to get to ny did they not release the body promptly what was going on
    who’s plane was it
    who’s being maspid
    I guess its a good idea not to support the death penalty thhis could leider hapen

  11. #4,
    misaskim and chesed shel emes do the avodas hakodesh of burying a mais mitzvah while you sit at your computer and criticize them anonymously. How pathetic! and by the way I am in no way affiliated with either of these organizations nor do I personally know anyone who is.

    And to all those who discuss whether he’s a tzadik or not, HE’S DEAD! Can’t you keep quiet and leave it to the bais din shel maalah to decide whether he did a proper teshuva or not and whether his death and all the tehillim that was said because of him gave him a kappara? Its never a good idea to be mikatreg on a dead yid. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to go to his kever to ask for mechila.

  12. Why such negative comments?
    They help no one, not the Parks family nor the Jewish people.
    Lets at least as a zechus for his neshama and klal yisroel stick to lashon tov.
    He may have been buried in NY for any number of reasons, try to be dan lekaf zechus.

  13. I’d like to ammend my comment from before, it did not come out the way it was intended. It was not meant that he was not helped by Floridians, he was; he did not want to be buried in the state of Florida because he was executed by them. No offense meant. Also, in the Chesed shel Emes cemetery in Liberty pple gather every Tisha B’Av to say Tehillem and Kaddish for the dozens of meiysay mitzva. He would not be afforded that luxury in Florida.

  14. Yasher Koach #5 for saying the Emes we all instinctively know, but some are afraid of saying due to “political correctness.”

    May the neshama of Tzaddik Michoel Yechiel ben Avraham hy’d have an aliyah and may he be a melitz yosher for all of Klal Yisrael.

  15. #15 wrote “Why are we not knocking down the walls and flooding the emails and phones of every politician and judge and attorney to help Rubashkin? There is a frum man, a Torahadiga Yid who didn’t kill anyone, who didn’t hurt anyone and at worst may have misused money who can’t get bail, who is in solitary confinement and someone we can help.”

    These are words of emes. I wonder the same thing about this Yid who says tehillim every morning, who makes a mechitza around his toilet so he can daven, who showers every morning as a remembrance to when he used the mikveh daily before davening, this Yid who was a baal-chesed, a baal-tzedaka extraordinaire.

    To those of you are writing hy’d after Mr. Grossman, you are very much confused. This man was not killed for being a Jew. He was killed for committing murder, for bludgeoning the head of a law enforcement official many times and then shooting her. That’s why he was killed.

    We are so blessed to live in a country where Jews are NOT killed for being Jews. You do no one any favors by accusing this country of doing just that with Mr. Grossman.

  16. 19. Comment from tachlis
    Time February 17, 2010 at 10:57 PM

    you people ARE so wrong reb martin was a haylega neshama we must trust in the power of teshuva if you dont think martin is a tzaddik your a kofer
    if you think martin was a tzaddik your a tipish midorysa. your helpless my friend.

  17. I think its fair to say that while martin Grossman was not a full bal tshuva yet but he was on the way to becoming one and anyone that works in the bal tshuva movement will tell you that a bal tshuva doesnt do everything in one shot he works stage by stage now why martin choose to have non kosher and walk around without a yarmulka when frum people were doing so so much for him well this I dont understand and I am actually quite upset with him but what I would prefer to focus on is the last few minutes of his life when he said vidu and said shema yisroel and so yes this is called al kidush hashem and was he killed because he was a jew? well its very possible because if the fort hood roitzeach with yishmaeli lineage was not sentenced to death due to his being so called mentally unstable at the time of his act of murder well then why was martin not entitled to such a claim eventhough it seems the claim was pretty real and considering the fact that the Governor who refused to even be goiris one rabbi requesting a meeting and didnt answer anybodys emails till 20 minutes before the death sentence and but granted a reduced prison sentence to a woman being charged for manslaughter a month ago so yes there are many signs here showing that a jew was tortured for 25 years and then murdered al kidush hashem. Now again was martin a murderer whos regret was questionable well maybe but al pi halacha were we allowed to let him die and is he michuyiv misa lets say it was a bas yisroel he killed well certainly no because the were no two witnesses and who knows maybe his accomplice mr taylor actually caused the death in the end and so how ever we look at this story from its different angles this jew recieved very unfair treatment and so he is a martyr that died al pi kidush hashem and why they rallied and said thilim for him the way they did more then anyone else well for that I think the answer is simple goyim were threatening to kill him without a full justice and so it was pekuach nefesh unlike any other case where the lo samod al dam reiechu doesnt come into question. And with regards to the death penalty in general well I think its pretty clear by now that al pe torah its usur to believe in it and or support it in any way even if rush limbaugh and his cronies who seem so biblical and religious with so many values appearing so similar to what our torah says well he’s still not das torah and he still could be hefech das torah the torah is so much deeper then these shallow people so why do we agree with their values when it might not be al pe torah does ayin tachas ayin or lo sirtsach apply in every circumstance and to every situation? How shallow

  18. to comment # 13

    I am not so sure what you are saying as we all know that if it would of been a goy he wouldn’t receive death penalty and the only reason is because he was a Jew he is unfortunately not the first one who killed a police officer

  19. 25, So what that he was executed there, is the earth gonna spit him out then? Aderabeh, I believe it would’ve been Mechaper. And yes there are many Yidden out there in Florida this time of the year (From NY!) that can go on the Yahrzeit and not wait till Tishe B’Av. As to that he requested to be put in NY, I simply don’t believe that. Why should he? What did he lose in New York? And in Liberty? He always lived in Florida. His closest people like Rabbi Katz and other Chabad Sheluchim are from Florida.

    I agree with others here, this was nothing but a publicity stunt!

  20. I am not going to pass judgment on Martin Grossman, hosever the mass pressure that was placed on Crist I cannot fathom. I think the only reason people extensively lobbed for a murderer and feeling along with him as opposed to the victims family is the “herd mentality” that if a lot of people do it, it must be right.
    I personaly have not called to ask for his pardon as I could never lobby for a murderer. Again I am not saying that he didnt do teshuva although at this point it seems he still ate treif, however to start calling him a tzaddik is crazy.
    I would understand if there would be organizations or people privately and quietly asking for the removal of his death sentance. But this massive public outcry should be reserved for someone like Reb Mordechai Rubashkin. And my opinion is that now our stregnth in lobbying will be diminished because people will see for whom we have so strongly tried to assist in commuting the death sentence.
    In addition it’s disgusting to keep on bashing those who question the idea of this massive outpouring of support for a muderer (ok ex-murderer). After for years being taught that murder is the worst possible thing a Jew or human being can do, they see an outpouring of compassion, help and support and understandibly a lot of people are confused as they have every right to be. Stop bashing those who question the whole matzav around Grossman.

  21. this situation has officially gotten out of control. What’s next babies named after him? You have rochmuonus and you askonus but now he is a tzadik we should emulate? He ended someone’s life. In halacha even if it was BSHOGEG which it wasn’t chazal tell us he ends up getting killed with someone falling off a ladder (Ayin Shom). R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.

  22. for anybody to say bad about Misaskim is insane. They do tremendous work and you should never need them but for those that do they provide much needed service.

  23. Al pi din a) a Noachide (secular) court does not have jurisdiction over a yehudi, b) a Noachide (secular) court does not have authority to impose misa on a yehudi, c) without 2 witnesses who provided warning beforehand there is no death penalty d) And in any event there no death penalty by any human court – even Beis Din – when a yehudi kills a nochri (see Meshech Chochmah where it says it is only applicable Bidei Shamayim.)

    And therefore, as a result of the above, every yehudi has a legal obligation of pikuach nefesh in saving this yehudi.

    See Chazon Ish Bava Kama 10:15, Meiri, Bava Metzia 83b and can be implied from Rambam, Hilchos Rotzeach 2:4 and Tosafos, Sanhedren 20b; R. Moshe Sofer, Chasam Sofer Likkutim responsa no. 14.

  24. To 27 – michali.

    “You are heartless and unforgiving”
    There are no words to describe your stupidity. Who in the world are you to forgive this man? I think forgiveness, if it has a place, lies with the poor family members of the murdered girl.

  25. To #36:
    The campaign was NOT a campaign to have Mr. Grossman pardoned. It was a campaign to have the sentence postponed in order to appeal for it to be commuted to life imprisonment, as there is strong evidence that the crime was not one that fit the death penalty.

  26. To Tzippi..

    Yes i am sure. Unlike the rednecks here, I have most of my teeth and I have never [deleted by moderator] which is more than I can say for the supporters of the anti-Semite Crist (YEMACH SHEMO VEZICHRO)…

  27. #13 YOU’RE RIGHT. Its true that he is a baal tshuva and “bemokoim shebaalei teshuve oimdim ein tsadikim gemurim jechoilim laamod sham”, but that is NOT the meaning of “died al kiddush hashem”.


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