LIAR: Mueller Interviewed For FBI Job, Contrary To His Claims

UNITED STATES - JUNE 19: FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Dirksen Building on oversight of the FBI. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

A Justice Department email indicates that Robert Mueller may have interviewed with President Donald Trump for the job of FBI director, contrary to what Mueller has said.

The Washington Examiner reported that an email sent the morning of May 17, 2017, from then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had a subject line of “Mueller.” The email body read, “withdrew from consideration for FBI director.”

The message was sent to the chief of staff for Jeff Sessions, the attorney general at the time.

Later that day, Mueller was named special counsel of the Russia investigation, which probed Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election and whether Trump and/or his campaign had illicit ties to Russia.

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  1. That is not the only lie. There are many others including when this snake clearly and unequivocally told the president that he was not the subject of his investigation. He’s a snake who presents a facial expression as a serious, uncompromising individual. That is also a rouge.


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