Liberal Media Goes Crazy After Pope Francis Doesn’t Wear a Mask, Kisses Priests at Vatican Event

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Pope Francis seemed to be taking extraordinary risks at a Vatican event on Wednesday as he joked with prelates and kissed the hands of newly ordained priests—without wearing a mask despite the number of new coronavirus infections rising across Italy. The 83-year-old pontiff, who is missing a portion of one of his lungs from a previous malady, has rarely worn a mask since the pandemic began and has been increasingly out in crowds where people are not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly. Several Vatican experts commented on the pope’s seeming ambivalence. Vatican commentator Robert Mickens tweeted a photo of the pope. “Very disturbing images from the Vatican today. @Pontifex without face mask at indoor gathering with large number of people, many pulling their masks down to talk to him. And pope kissing the hands of recently ordained priests…”

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  1. Those who were coronavirused do not need to wear masks. They have no use from it anymore like the Clintons, the Obama, RBG, the Bushes and the pope.

    A religious Jewish site should not post a picture of the klipa. Please remove and leave it empty.

  2. Why should I mind that Dr Bergoglio is not wearing a mask? I support everybody’s freedom and it is none of my business if he is convinced it’s healthy for him not to wear a mask. I do not attend his events anyway.


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