Liberman: It’s A Shame We Can’t Execute Givat Assaf Terrorist

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Former Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman renewed his call for the passage of legislation making it easier for courts to sentence convicted terrorists to death, citing today’s arrest of Hamas terrorist Asam Barghouti as a “classic example” of why such a law is necessary.

“I praise our security forces who…apprehended the terrorist Asam Barghouti,” Liberman said Tuesday morning.

“He is a radical Islamic terrorist and a member of a clan involved in a number terror attacks against Israelis over many years,” the former Defense Minister continued, referencing the Barghouti clan.


“This is a classic example of why we should regret the fact that the ‘Death Penalty for Terrorists Law’ brought by Yisrael Beytenu was torpedoed by the Likud and the coalition leaders.”

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  1. That terrorist lives in the West Bank, which is under Military Authority, which is entitled by law to administrate capital punishment, it’s just the military which is refraining from exercising it.

    Mr. Liberman, shut up. Until recently, you were the Minister of Defense, and it was under your auspices that the military judges refused to punish terrorists by death penalty. It was in your hands to fix this, and you did not.

    Very easy to complain from the opposition.

  2. דאס איז גערעדט

    Sorry Avigdor, this is 2019 and the world’s opinion, for some strange reason, plays a role. In Gaza they can execute for assumed, alleged collaboration with Israel and the world accepts it. The double standard is so stark clear!

  3. The Zionists who are behind the murder of many innocent Jews and torturing Jews to confess to crimes they never committed, should never be allowed the Death Penalty Law. The only ones they’ll use this law for would be for Jews whom they deem ‘terrorists’ and never for Arab terrorists because of their fear of world outcry.


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