Lieberman and Graham to Address Large Stop Iran Rally Outside Gillibrand’s Office

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Iran and the European UnionAs the deadline for the vote on the Iran deal looms closer and closer, New Yorkers will be taking to the streets in a large rally against the deal with Iran. The rally will take place in front of the offices of Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on 49th St. and 3rd Ave, Tuesday September 1st Between 5:30-7:30.

The unique bipartisan rally will be addressed by Presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC) and former Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT).

Feelings run deep as Senator Gillibrand has already expressed her support for the deal with Iran despite having the largest Jewish constituency in the Nation- a constituency that has strongly objected to this deal; her announcement came as a slap in the face to members of the Agudas Yisrael of America and AIPAC who have discussed their objections to the deal with her less than twenty four hours prior to her shocking announcement.

Critics of Gillibrand also note her being the beneficiary of several Iranian-tied financial contributions.

Earlier this summer, organizers of the Stop Iran Rally drew more than 12,000 people to Times Square in a similar rally, calling on elected officials to reject a bad deal with Iran. The rally drew worldwide attention and had inspired others to rally against the deal around the Nation.

Concerns about the deal with Iran (otherwise known as the JCPOA), have deepened since June as details about “side deals” between Iran and the IAEA emerge; these deals will allow Iran to conduct its own inspections on its nuclear sites.

Organizers look forward to a large crowd and hope to see the Jewish community mobilize and attend this important rally.

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  1. She ought be voted out of office by our community in great numbers! The potch-in-punim the primary reason. That’s called NOT representing the constituency. If the community ‘s leaders meet with you and in their face you announce, as she did, your decision without seeming to really think hard, you slapped us in the face!
    Out you ought go!!!

  2. To: #1 .Comment from Just a Plain Someone:

    “………………….you slapped us in the face! Out you ought go!!!”

    Are you even registered to vote or do you just spout off like many of the “oiber-chuchums” who comment here but don’t even bother to vote or aren’t even registered to vote???

    Did you know that Voter Registration is public information? Anyone can look up to see if you are registered to vote and what party you’re registered with.

    That’s why we are starting an initiative to expose members of the Frum Community who are not registered to vote. Yes, we will make their names known by taking ads in local publications announcing to the community and the world that “so and so” who lives in district number “X” is not registered to vote and has no right to open his or her pisk because if you don’t vote, you don’t count.

    Go to the Post Office and get a Voter Registration form. Fill it out and mail it in. And for G-ds sake don’t register as a DemocRat. Register as a Republican or as an Independent so that the local & State DemoRat Party doesn’t take the Frum Community for granted.


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