Lieberman Calls For The Death Penalty In Case Of Arab Janitor Who Assaulted 7-Year-Old Girl

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Yisrael Beyteinu chairman Avigdor Leiberman demanded Monday that the Arab man suspected of abducting a seven-year-old girl from her school and attacking her be put to death.

“It caused me a deep shock: (…) it’s pure terror – one of the worst I’ve ever heard of,” Leiberman said.

“This is precisely one of the cases in which I would not hesitate and demand that the court sentence the despicable terrorist to death,” he added.

“It is a pity that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to torpedo the death penalty for the terrorists, despite his written and public commitment,” Leiberman said.

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  1. Mr Lieberman,
    You’re a coward, a liar and an enemy of Hashem. And now you’re showing that you’re also a moron.
    Will you just go away?

    • 5:12, you may have a point regarding Lieberman in general, but in this case you are the one to exhibit your great experience in moronity. If this islamonazi terrorist is not publicly executed, more copycats will follow, and your own children will suffer.

      • The reason both you and Lieberman are morons is, WHERE IS THE CALL FOR EXECUTION for our MURDERED soldiers???
        But don’t feel bad. You’re in good company.

        • 10:47, I would never call you an idiot. It is offensive. To idiots. How did you imply that I am against death penalty to all islamonazi terrorists, including those that murder our soldiers?! Obviously, if there is a law for death penalty for Jewhating terrorism, than it would apply to all islamonazis, whether they attack kids or soldiers.

  2. And this guy wants to become PM. Is he nuts? Doesn’t he realize the entire Arab world PLUS the rest of the anti-Semitic world will go to war against Israel for this?

    Besides, the next thing this anti-religious guy will call for will be the death penalty of some innocent “settler” whom the Shin-Daled accused of who-knows-what to appease Arabs.

    • 6:00 pm, your “logic” is dizzying: let’s not prevent arabs from murdering us by using the only measure that arabs understand, lest arabs get angry and start murdering us, which they do already anyway. Your concern regarding the Judenrat using the death penalty law against the Jews, can be easily remedied by stipulating the death penalty law to apply exclusively in terrorism directed against the Jews. Goyim won’t like such “inequality”? Too bad, they won’t like us no matter what we do.

  3. Bla bla bla. This Russian drunk is all talk. When he was defense minister and rockets were raining freely into Israel proper from Gaza, this bum did absolutely NOTHING!!! Bombed a couple of empty abandoned fields. “The Palestinians will pay a heavy price”. “Our response is going to be painful”. Etc etc etc… Yawn, zzzzzzzz

  4. Why hire arabs, especially in places where they can cause harm to children?! Was it worth saving a few dollars on “cheap” arab labor? Our people are clinically dumb.

  5. As much as I despise this man, I agree with him here. But I think it should be a public execution preceded by 100 lashes. A message to Arabs: don’t dare do this here.

    But in addition, I think there should be a Pal. state. You live there, we live here. Bye, bye.

  6. Something is very fishy with this story. There is apparently no evidence on the girl of any misdoings, so it wouldn’t be called rape. Police keep changing the story and it’s details. This guy is 46 years old with no history of these things. Perhaps someone was jealous of him and made up that it was him, since he was pretty rich. In any case, I hope this girl heals from whatever she went through.

    • 3:17am late night expert, “no evidence”?! And you know that how? Last time I checked, a patient’s medical information is private; so, unless you were an obgyn that examined her, you would have no way of knowing if there was “no evidence”. And how do you know that the perp had no prior history of interest in children and/or Jewhatred; are you his friend? As of now, there is “no evidence” that your IQ is above 65.

  7. anon 12:09,12:23,

    You lose your stability from every latest News brief?
    Randomly jumping on this case is cheap power politicking

    Israel does not have capital punishment for anything(Barring Eichmann) including far worse crimes
    Nor do they plan on changing that anytime soon

    • Dear 12:38 not-the-brightest-star-in-the-sky, that’s why people elect lawmakers – to change laws. It’s a shame that other kneset members are not serious enough to save Jewish lives by being willing to use the deterrent measures that the arab animals understand. Hopefully, enough MK’s will see the light, and pass death-to-islamonazis law. It’s been decades overdue.


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