LIEBERMAN MOCKS KOLLEL: No Reason To Fund Chareidi Institutions That Teach ‘Idleness’

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Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman avers that there is no reason to fund chareidi establishments that, he says, teach “idleness.”

Lieberman statement was made at a Yisroel Beiteinu faction meeting, where the often controversial minister claimed that chareidi institutions that refuse to teach “core subjects such as English and math” should “do it at their expense, not at the expense of taxpayers.”

“They sit there in their kollelim… They come in the morning, eat a sandwich, drink a coffee, shmooze politics, peruse some books, and then return home. These are studies of ‘idleness,’ not studies of holy subjects.”

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  1. Same can be said for government institutions and departments where the sole purpose is to denigrate society.

    • If we wish to succeed over the Tzionim we must strengthen the hands of the oskei Torasacha. One can learn if capable or support Torah learning. Normally, when one goes out to do business, they are unsure of the outcome. The exception is Zeuvlan as it says “Yismach Zeuvlan btzaysacha….. Yissocher b’ohelechah”. In the zechus of learning/supporting Torah, may we soon see the end of the memshales zodon b’korov!

    • Actually he is I don’t remember which Rav was at his bris.

      Also he has a Charedi son Harav Grossman from Migdal Haemek was Mesader Kiddiushim at his chaseneh

      • A Chareidi son! Wow, talk about rebelling against your parents! But in a good way. Netanyahu has a Chareidi daughter. I wonder how many more of these guys merit good children, fascinating.

  2. While there are probably a few people sitting in Yeshiva who are acting as described by Lieberman, I would imagine it’s a small minority. Just like there are workers who shmooze at the water cooler and surf the net most of the day. Eventually, guys like that get fired or dismissed from their Yeshivas. But most Avreichim and Bachurim toil in Torah from early morning to late at night and often teach, tutor, act as Mashgichim or similar. As usual Lieberman is speaking either in ignorance or to provoke a reaction, or both. May Hashem give him what he deserves and the sooner the better.

  3. Wicked evil heretic. It would of been better for his soul, to have been beaten in the Russian gulags than to rise to a position of power.

  4. interesting. i’m paying taxes and where does my money go?
    to soccer events, cinema festivals and all kinds of subcultures
    that are exclusively attended by lazy bones…

  5. A d he knows this because he spent so many years in Kollel He is totally ignorant about Yiddishkeit.

    I suggest he make an exception and study Megilas Esther.

    Because Haman Lieberman Sonei Hayehudim will merit his name sakes fate.

  6. As somebody who was elected to, ” come in the morning and eat a sandwich, drink coffee and talk politics. Then flip through some books and go home.” I eagerly await his return of every government salary he’s ever made.

  7. Lieberman and his ilk will never understand the uniqueness of Torah study. This applies to the SED in NY that wants to stop our way of teaching Torah. In Parshas Bechkosai it says אם בחקתי תלכו Rashi says this means שתהיו עמלים בתורה The word חקת usually refers to a mitzva the non jews or not frum jews deride and mock. What does חקת have to do with עמל in Torah? The sefer באר שמות הנרדפים says עמל means effort. The Malbim in Sefer איוב פרק ה, ז also says it means effort. When someone is studying for any job or profession it’s the end result that matters you can give a billion percent effort but if you don’t pass the test you don’t get the degree or license. Torah is unique that every drop of effort you apply is counted and rewarded by Hashem. Second, try to explain to Lieberman and his cronies that you can read the same book once, twice and even a million times. There is a famous story with Rav Moshe Fienstien, he called his nephew Rav Michel Fienstien to tell him that he gets a Mazel tov for completing shas a 2nd time. When Rav Michel asked, “but I know you finished shas many times” Rav Moshe answered, “Its the second time I learned it 101 times.”(see gemara Chagiga 10.) Can a person like Lieberman or the non jew in the SED comprehend this?

  8. Let this low life (and some of the commentators above) walk into BMG or the Mir where you will hear a thundering boom of thousands of bnei torah sitting and learning in the middle of seder. I guess he never experienced that or he is a flat out liar or both. And yes…..It takes a lot out of you to learn over 10 hours a day so you will take a coffee if that’s ok with this slow-rotting menuval…..May Hashem repay him his due punishment so that all can see what happens to all these apikursim that raise their evil heads in every generation until they join the dustbins of history.

  9. The kollel movement is strong. Lieberman is ugly.

    The versed Jew is safe. Keep a Tanakh. It threatens this value-less man.

  10. פסחים מט: גדולה שנאה ששונאין עמי הארץ לתלמיד חכם יותר משנאה ששונאין אומות העולם את ישראל

    • You’re absolutely right. I never understood this when I was younger, nor did I understand Rebbe Akiva’s statement of what he’d do to a talmid chochom before he changed, but “thanks” to Lieberman we now see it with our own eyes.


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