Lieberman: My Oneg Shabbos is Watching Football

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Speaking to students at the West Bank’s Ariel University, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman recently presented his twisted view of what Judaism is about and attacked Israel’s rabbonim.

“My oneg Shabbos is to watch a football game and play tennis,” he told the audience. “I enjoy myself in a restaurant even if it’s not kosher. The main thing is that it must be tasty.”

“I oppose the separation of religion and state that Lapid wants,” Lieberman added. “It’s impossible to separate religion and state without a civil war. A Jew will always be attached to his Judaism. From the [Russian] town I came from I learned that the job of rabbis is to bridge over problems. In Israel they do exactly the opposite; they create problems.”

Lieberman also attacked Israel’s religious councils that supervise towns’ religious affairs, saying they existed solely to provide jobs for relatives.

In response to Lieberman’s allegations, Religious Affairs Minister David Azulai of Shas said that Lieberman was speaking out of ignorance.

“I will be happy to accompany him wherever he wants to see from close up what religious council heads, rabbonim, cemetery managers and kashrus personnel are involved with,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Just plain Ignorance.

    Now you know why every Jewish child needs a Jewish upbringing. Every Jewish child must attend a full-time Yeshiva and if his/her parents are ignorant or secular they must be educated as well so that there is a Jewish home according to halocho.

    Every Jew knows when Xmas is. Every Jew knows who yushke’s mother is. But, unfortunately, most Jews don’t know when Yomim Tovim arrive or who Moshe’s mother was. We need to know our own heritage and traditions not those of the goyim.

  2. Lieberman is a typical Russian drunk! He talks big and does little. He promised us that after the pacifist, Boogie Ya’alon, was gone and tough guy Lieberman was in charge, things would be different. Lol. This drunk has been worse than Ya’alon. He is an embarrassment to the State of Israel and an embarrassment to the Jewish people. He is a classic kofer be’ikar.

  3. Tinok shenishba.we oppose his actions but he doesn’t know any better.instead of complaining
    Support shuvu, beer hagola, Sinai and others that educate Russian response possible

    • How about educating the pseudo frum about not dissing those that came back. As an example, no one told me that I’ll have a hard time getting my born-frum kids into yeshivos. On the other hand I appreciate the establishment clarifying the matter as I wouldn’t want my kids to be corrupted by those that snob out other Jews. Had to move to find a school that practices what it preaches. Keep in mind, there are Jews, not Russian, Persian or American, just Jews. In fact, back in USSR, we were referred to as Jews, not as Russians. Besides, we are running out of the Russian Jews as most left decades ago and are becoming Americanized or Israeliized. Twenty or thirty years ago huge numbers of the Russian Jews were ripe for becoming frum; unfortunately the frum community missed the opportunity then – let’s hope that whatever trickle does come back, is not dissed and turned away by the pseudo frum snobs.

  4. I’m so happy we fought back in the 70s to free those poor Russian Jews who yearned for the freedom to be Jewish. Look what we got for our efforts.

    • Lumping all Russian, Ukrainian and other Iron Curtain Jews together with this individual frei ignoramus? Please think before speaking.


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