Lieberman Slams Chareidi MKs For Not Condemning Soldier Effigies

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has lambasted chareidi politicians for failing to denounce the hanging and near-burning of two effigies of IDF soldiers in the neighborhood of Mea Shearim in Yerushalayim on Friday, Times of Israel reports.
“The shock was twofold, from both the fact that this weekend we saw an effigy of a soldier hanging from the roof in Mea Shearim and that no Knesset member or representative from the ultra-Orthodox faction condemned the action,” Lieberman said.
TOI reports that on Friday, police officers removed the life-sized doll dressed up as a soldier, finding that it had been “saturated with flammable liquid, apparently with the intent of setting it on fire,” police said. A second effigy was later found and removed as well.
{ Israel}


  1. Anyone can dress up as someone else even when its not Purim; so they can blame
    them . Who knows who actually did this

    • Exactly. It is now known that Avishai Raviv, who worked for the Shin Bet was the provacatur behind the murder of Yitzchok Rabin. Yigal Amir was just a useful idiot much like Lee Harvey Oswald was.

      • Yigal Amir was their patsy who shot blanks and will be sitting in jail for the actual murderers who are still roaming the streets free. People here, though, don’t go for reality. They can’t handle conspeeeeracy theories such as these where authorities in Israel, just like in the US, should never be questioned.

        • …the preceding has been brought to you by an alternate-reality lunatic or a troll who has nothing better to do than pretend to be an alternate-reality lunatic.
          Which is it? Who cares?

          • Raviv and Shin Bet have always conveniently escaped any questioning about what they were doing with Yigdal Amir(before Rabin’s murder).And we still want to know why a healthy bodyguard of Rabin suddenly died within a week of the assassination.

  2. The type of people who hang up soldier effigies don’t usually vote for Charedie (or any other) parties. And even the people who do vote for Chariedi parties wouldn’t care about what a Chareidi politicians said about an issue of haskafa.Plus there aren’t enough people doing it to warrant a public protest.

    Lieberman is 100% correct however that it is very wrong to hang up such effigies.

    And that is even it wouldn’t cause so much gratuitous hatred for Chareidim


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