LIES AND FABRICATIONS: ADL Director Blames Trump for Anti-Semitism, Praises Biden

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Former Anti-Defamation League (ADL) National Director Abe Foxman, in a newly released episode of the All Inclusive with Jay Ruderman podcast, claimed that President Joe Biden is well underway in his work to reverse the growing levels of antisemitism which the U.S. experienced during his predecessor’s presidency.

Asked to evaluate President Biden’s response to antisemitism, Foxman affirmed that “absolutely, he’s there. He’s spoken, he’s acted. He’s appointed a new ambassador on antisemitism. I think on most cases, when you see any incident in this country, you see a response from this government, whether it’s from Homeland Security, whether it’s from the Justice Department, whether it’s from the Secretary of State. It’s there and that’s his leadership. So, that is not a problem. The problem is our general environment.”

That concerning environment, he explained, extends well beyond antisemitism. Former President Donald Trump, through remarks such as his belief that “there is blame on both sides” for the 2017 neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, fomented “a more open bigoted atmosphere out there.”

“The two hundred Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville were there before Donald Trump. He didn’t create them. They were there. They were Neo-Nazis. They were antisemites,” explained Foxman. “What one can accuse Trump or blame him for is he emboldened them. He gave them the legitimacy. These antisemites were antisemites, but they knew better not to go public.”

“So, [Trump] let the genie out of the bottle. I think Biden and this administration are trying to put that genie back in the bottle. It will take time,” said Foxman, who led the ADL for 28 years and is one of America’s best-known Jewish leaders, particularly on the issue of combating antisemitism.

Regarding the sight of “Camp Auschwitz” t-shirts at the January 6 Capitol riot, Foxman said that “the people who gravitate towards populism and to supernationalism are people who gravitate to racism, and racist theories, and white supremacy. So, they are white supremacists. And white supremacists have a higher level of antisemitism than other supremacists.”

Social media, Foxman argued, is “probably the most significant element in making antisemitism so much more blatant” today.

“Social media and the internet have already destroyed privacy. They’re on the way to destroying civility,” he said. “It has provided a superhighway for bigots, for the antisemites. You can now transmit antisemitic thoughts, conspiracy theories about Jews, lies about Jews in nanoseconds globally.”

Thirty years ago, Foxman noted, “You couldn’t recruit. You couldn’t communicate this hatred in such a sophisticated manner as you do it today.”

Foxman also warned against using cancel culture as a tool in the fight against antisemitism or any other form of advocacy. “I was always opposed to cancel culture,” he said. “I believed it was our job to change people’s minds and hearts. And you don’t do it by cancel culture. What you do is, you remove [antisemites and bigots], but they’re still out there.”



  1. What a fake and fraud. This ADL gang is only interested in raising their fifty million dollars a year from old Jews who leave their money after they die. These are judenrat of the first degree. There is a reason why normal Jews voted in mass for Trump. They see how he helped Israel. This ADL joker thinks people are fools. How many jewish stores did these lefty looters destroy in California. The anti Trump squad of Jew haters is all discarded by this ADL nobody. The current bareheaded mechalel shabbos leader of ADL used to work for Obama. These trailers are democRATs first and last. There is nothing jewish about them other than their names. They cause the anti Semitism NOT fight it. They are a mere paper organization and are angry that Trump invited only Orthodox leadership to his Chanukah parties and left these atheistic and agnostic reformers out.

  2. Any Jew who praises Pres. Joe Biden and criticizes Pres. Donald Trump for their attitudes to anti-Semitism and Israel is either politically biased or completely meshuga, or both.

  3. How out of touch! The orthodox world should officially disown this liberal organization that poses as the advocates for jews. We don’t need them to be talking up for us or about us. Discriminating against our core values and those that have respect to us; real religious jews should isolate them. I wont be shocked if they add BLM and Antifa as part of their cause too…. We should organize our own organization.


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