Lifesaver: Charedi Man Jumps Into Wild Waves To Save Surfer In Hertzilya

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A man surfing in Hertzillia yesterday was knocked unconscious when the waves tossed him into a cluster of rocks.

The man was in danger of losing his but was saved when a charedi man who noticed what had happened jumped into the water to save him.

The courageous man was able to reach the surfer and drag him to shore with much difficulty. Once paramedics arrived, the charedi hero quietly walked off with one hand over his head, having lost his yarmulke to the sea.




  1. why is it important that the saver was chareidi? is it because people dont expect chareidim to help others? that is insulting. אף על פי שחטא ישראל הוא. it is more likely that a chareidi will help a chiloni than the other way around

  2. To Anonymous: Would you prefer that they jump in too? Or wring their hands and say Oy?
    To yidinneh: Because there is a general antipathy between the two groups, especially because chilonim see chareidim as parasites that wouldn’t life a finger to save anyone but their own kind, so any time a chareidi risks his life to save someone, it’s worth being mefarsem and putting on social media.
    To just sayn: no, there is no reason to do that. That is nothing more than a bobbeh maieseh,

  3. Just be aware that it is dangerous to enter the water in bulky or heavy clothing! It weighs you down and can have serious consequences. So toss them off before you jump in to save a life, because your life is worth no less than the one you are going to save.


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