LIKE A SLY FOX: Anti-Semitism Right Here in Brooklyn

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There is a store named Fox’s, located on 923 kings hwy. It has been a popular retail women clothing store tor the past twenty years. The owners, who are Catholics, have become rich as a result of having about 95% of Jewish women buying at their store.

The reason I am writing this to Matzav is to bring to your attention a very strong anti-Semitism behavior taking place in this store. A few months ago, a Jewish religious lady was hired to work at this particular location. She was witness to the hatred and the bigotry the employees showed toward religious Jewish women behind closed doors and the hatred was directed toward her as well.

There are few employees who work at this location who have a very hard time hiding their hatred. They call the religious women thieves and disgusting. They even told the store manager: “You wear a wig…you are evil.” They made her life miserable working over there and made every attempt for her to lose her job. When these ugly behaviors was brought to the attention of the owner, she was the one who lost her job.

The money that you spend at this store pays the salary of these anti-Semites. When asked, the guilty employees make all kinds of excuses to deny the truth and to save their jobs.

Please stop supporting Fox’s. We are very well aware that some of you have had a pleasant experience shopping over there and you need to realize that if they show their hatred in an open manner then they could lose their jobs. It all happens behind closed doors and the ex-manager saw herself how some of the religious women from respected families treated like garbage.

Fox’s needs to respect our people and our community. They became rich as a result of our hardearned money. The right thing to do was to take out few of the employees who ganged up on the ex-manager but instead he got rid of their Jewish manager. There are witnesses to testify to all of this.

A Disturbed Reader



    • Interesting to note that your post is anonymous as well. The only difference is that the frum ex-store manager can be crushed by a lawsuit from foxes if she goes public and reveals her identity, while you have nothing to hide from. I realize that you really don’t care about anybody else, as long as you can score a good deal at foxes but don’t demonize MATZAV.COM just because it makes you feel uncomfortable for shopping where you shouldn’t!

  1. In what way are they showing disrespect to our community??? Is it that the customers feel disrespected (like in other places), or are the customers being treated with respect?

  2. It’s not only goyishe stores. Do you think workplace abuse is limited to goyim? It happens in many of the famous heimishe stores as well. You walk in and the employee’s all seem peppy and cheary and you think, wow what a great friendly place to shop. You didn’t see the tongue lashing they just received from their boss/manager 5 minutes before. You don’t see how they’re treated after the gate is pulled down at the end of the day. All the micro managing is killing them. They smile but they are bitter and resentful inside. They hate their job and their boss. They stay at their job because they’ve been so beaten down they are afraid to start anew elsewhere. Just the cold hard facts my friend.

  3. This report is a true as it gets.
    We live around the corner from this store, which is located on Kings Highway bet. E9 and Cony, and I have heard numerous times from my mother, siblings, and by extension their friends that this store outright treats the Jewish woman shopping there terribly (and they don’t even conceale it as suggested in this article). However this article Highlights a NEW LOW for Fox’s by firing this Employee who was brought in due to the numerous complaints of mistreatment by the Frum Shoppers who (hopefully no longer) are the make up of 95% o& it’s cliente.

  4. Reb Yid,
    Do you think that all the construction ppl have the nicest things to say about the ostentatious homes they build for heimishe?
    Do you think they love us when we load up towns in upstate NY and central Jersey with ugly townhomes and no thought to infrastructure?
    Besides, the cost savings that I have at Fox’s helps me pay the astronomical tuitions that I have (where all that money is going is beyond me. My son’s rebbe is not getting annual raises that mirror the tuition hikes).
    Relax. It’s galus. This is how it is. Do the ratzon H. and look inward.

    • “Relax it’s Golus” — That doesn’t mean you don’t have to make your hishtadlus to curb anti-semitism — tolerance of hatred only invites more hatred.

  5. Even the writer doesnt have first hand knowledge of this so why are we believing this one sided story from a 3rd person?

    • The real question is why do you automatically exonerate foxes and distrust the frum persons account? But then again; We all know answer to that one: You save a buck by shopping at Foxes and that is all you care about. —A frum person lost her job because she was frum ain’t your problem!!

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