LIKE THE REAL THING: Pareve Milky Ice Cream


Using modified yeast to create whey and casein proteins found in milk, Perfect Day Foods has created a non-dairy milky ice cream indistinguishable from the real thing. All it needs is a good hechsher to make it the perfect dessert for fleishigE meals.

Existent dairy alternatives made from oats, almonds or chickpeas lack the genuine milk components incorporated in this new product. Perfect Day converts plant sugar into whey and casein nutritionally identical to those from cows, but without the downsides.



  1. Eating chalav stam is one of the worst avairos that one can do. Even Yom Kippur is not michapair. At least that is what my Rebbeim told me.

  2. We need more food selections. The stores are not full enough with choices of chazerie…keep it coming…the kids need more choices….


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