Limbaugh: I Know Why Krauthammer Commands Respect

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limbaugh-krauthammerRush Limbaugh thinks he knows why conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer “commands respect” in the media.

“Krauthammer in many ways has acquired this respect because in many of the venues he appears he is the only conservative,” Rush told his radio listeners on Thursday.

Krauthammer regularly appears on the syndicated show “Inside Washington” on Friday nights and also on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.”

“They surround him with a number of libs on the show so he’s unique in that sense,” Limbaugh said.

“I don’t think he’s earned the respect simply because he’s a truth-teller. It’s because he always managed to position himself on these shows as the lone conservative like George Will has done. People are drawn to that.”

{Newsmax/ Newscenter}


  1. Actually , Dr K won a Pulitzer Prize in journalism. He was in a top psychiatric training program in Boston, and did some good research, but switched careers to his current one. I had known his brother Marcel, A”H, who was also a physician, and specialized in pulmonary disease. I saw Marcel at a Gemara shiur I briefly attended at Young Israel of Northridge (California). Marcel told me his father hired a Gemara teacher to supplement his education growing up in Montreal, perhaps his brother Charles’ too.

  2. He com ands respect becaus he is honest and has no agenda what ever he says he believes he is intelligent, succinct forceful and not beholding to anybody I think he is the most trutful and informed commentator around today he says it like it is keep up the good work the world needs more people joke him

  3. He was one of the leading researchers on Bipolar Disorder. He helped discover that there are two types of Bipolar, Bipolar I and Bipolar II, a major accomplishment.


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