Limbaugh: “America is Hanging by a Thread”

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rush-limbaughRush Limbaugh, during his show on Monday, delivered a rant about healthcare reform.

“Today, as we start the radio program, America is hanging by a thread. So we have to see what we can do with a thread. At the end of the day our freedom has been assaulted. This is the kind of change that people did not think they were going to get when they voted for Barack Obama,” Limbaugh said

He added:

“I’m asking myself what kind of country are we today. We’re not a representative republic. The will of the people was spat upon yesterday. The will of the people is of no concern to the people who now have power and authority from the White House all the way down to Capitol Hill. The will of the people is something to be crushed. So we’re not a representative republic. You can’t even say loosely defined we are much of a democracy. We have to restore these things. We have to do this by getting rid of these people at the ballot box. We must get them out of office. That’s the only thing here.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Surprise! Limbaugh rants! Comes out against healthcare reform! Rails against Democrats! What a shocking, front page, newsworthy item!

  2. He’s still here. I gave to that website raising money to give him a one-way ticket to Costa Rica and here he is, still in the US. Time to give them more money. Blow-hard, take your illegal prescription pills and get lost like you promised.

  3. I thought he said he would leave the country if health care passes. Can’t wait.
    North Korea could use a wealthy comedian who has the last laugh on us.

  4. Whatever you feel about Rush- he’s right. America is hanging by a thread and it’s all downhill from here. Some people don’t have the forsight to realize it.
    And I don’t listen to talkshows, I gave that up years ago when I realized it’s full of nival peh.
    But I do agree with Rush the gov. did not listen to the will of the people. Unfortunately between the irresponsible gov. spending and moral decline, America is in the verge of collapse. I give it fifty years most.
    All I can do is daven to Hashem to perform a miracle and save this country, because bderech hatevah, it’s a goner.

  5. How many others promised to leave the country when President Gorge Bush was elected. George Tzoros and the likes Names I
    wouldn’t even wish to mention on this web site

  6. I posted previously, but my comment seems to have gottten lost, so I’ll try again.
    Whatever you think about Rush the fact is he’s right on target with that statement that America is hanging by a thread.
    The fact that the will of the majority of Americans was ignored, the fact that gov. is spending far more than they can afford and the fact that America is on a moral decline, all point to an imminent collapse of America.
    I give it another fifty years or so and America will go bankrupt financially and morally. unfortunately people can’t think of the future, they only process the here and now.
    The only thing that can save us is a miracle, which I’m going to daven for.

  7. Rush said if the health bill passes, he couldn’t get good medical treatment in the USA when needed and he would therefore have to go to Costa Rica FOR TREATMENT NOT TO LIVE.



    Health Reform? NO! HEALTH THEFT. As usual, Congress lied and cheated to choose winners and losers. Taxpayers are losers. MEDICAID and MEDICARE ARE BANKRUPTING THIS COUNTRY. This health care bill will destroy it.

  9. why does this website have a love affair with rush he is just as bad as the democrats stay away from all people like hannity and rush they shmear people for no reason they are evil

  10. Funny that Limbaugh and his Republican cronies are all bent out of shape that the health care bill was passed. Most of the features of the bill were taken from past Republican proposals, and not from earlier liberal plans such as the 1994 Clinton plan. Of course, the Republicans don’t care where the ideas came from, just so long as they can scare voters into supoorting them.

  11. Rush “would therefore have to go to Costa Rica FOR TREATMENT NOT TO LIVE”? He wants to get treatment not to live?

    No need to commit suicide, Rush. Just have your mouth sewn shut and we’ll be satisfied.

    Maybe you forgot a comma, but that’s okay by me.

    It’s amazing that thinking people listen to him. Or I guess I should correct that. It’s amazing that people listen to him.

  12. I was just wondering why insurance companies that were having a free ride here charging way out of perportion with plans to hike up their fares on health insurance or even double it well why according to limbaugh and hanndy and levine why is ignoring their highway robbery permitted is that not the same crime you are accusing Obama of? Do we not to do something about the insurance insanity?

  13. I assume that rush is very concerned about the faltering health system lest doctors that are not as efficent take over the hospitals heaven forbid, well rush I guess you want a competitive health system perhaps the best in the world, with no big brother dictating, but what about the 30 million plus many more americans once the insurance companies facilitate their increased prices? well americans will just be allowed to die and be ignored regardless of their health and thats fairness right? only the wealthy may live thats normal right!

  14. Excellent point, #13. Did you know that the CEO of Aetna made $24 million in 2007? And many of the other heads of insurance companies made similar and equally outrageous salaries. Something is seriously wrong with the way these companies seem to control our country. Why is everybody angry with an administration that tries desperately to do something about that? At this point, opposition to health care reform meant compromises had to be made, and insurance companies are still running the show and getting unbelievably rich.

    It’s totally misguided to blame Obama. Look at what these companies are doing.


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