Limbaugh Celebrates 25th Anniversary At Pinnacle Of Talk Radio: “I Never Listened To The Naysayers”

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rush-limbaughRush Limbaugh today celebrated the 25th anniversary of his top-rated nationally syndicated radio talk show, which first aired on Aug. 1, 1988.

While discussing the anniversary, Limbaugh reflected on the challenges he’s faced over the years–including the pessimists who did not believe he could succeed in talk radio at all, let alone achieve the tremendous success that he has.

“I had a senior executive at ABC Radio tell me in 1972, ‘If you want to stay in this business, you had better go into sales, because you just don’t have the talent. You’re never going make it,'” said Limbaugh.

“But the point is, I never listened to the naysayers,” he said.

“Love and passion for what you do” is the key to overcoming those who seek to bring you down, said Limbaugh.

“It’s easy to be seduced by failure. It’s much easier than you think,” he said.

Limbaugh said it was inevitable to slip up a few times on the way up–and to expect people to go after you when you get to the top.

“It’s perfectly fine to have a couple slips off the ladder. It’s perfectly fine to have a failure here or there. It’s perfectly fine,” he said.

“And when you’re on your way up, nobody’s gunning for you.

“But when you get to where you’re going and if others perceive where you are to be the pinnacle, then the whole focus changes and everybody’s after you,” Limbaugh said.

“That makes staying where you are harder than getting there ever was.”

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  1. Rush has been a true friend of the Jewish people as well as a consistent supporter of the State of Israel. This is in addition to the tremendous zchus of educating generations of bochurim while providing kosher entertainment for bein hasdorim. Ad Meah V’esrim !!!

  2. Why is this person who considers himself moral from the neck up such a hero to frum Jews? He is an immoral person with disgusting personal practices. Remember folks – he was a 2nd rate PR man for a 2nd rate baseball team until he learned the art of show business. what makes him such an expert?

    a person does not need to be a rush limbaaugh fan or a fan of bob grant, sean hannity, mark levin or mike savage and listen to their drivel to be a right wing conservative. Their were plenty of us before these barnum and bailey showmen and their will be plenty of us once they pass from G-d’s green earth!

  3. Rush Limbaugh answers the solicitus last calling. He is a friend to Torah in the same way that packs of stones make good chewing gum. If he inspires your “jewish” neshama, you might have enjoyed carting Egyptian bricks to the quarry.

  4. #4. I have listened to Rush. I’ve also learned Rambam Hilchot Tshuvah 3:14, where he codifies that anyone who engages in the kind of namecalling and deliberate disparagement that Rush does loses his share in olam haba unless he repents. Rush is no model for us.

  5. #4 and you obviously have no clue. I have listened to him. I listened to him belittle a movie star b/c after all who are they (unless it is chuck heston and one of the best Presidents of the US ever (Ronald Reagan). who is rush? what is his background? a pr man for the kc royals? WOW! that makes him qualified? he is a morally depraved man (by his own admission) and not a role model and family man.


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