Rush Limbaugh: I’ll Leave the United States If Health Care Reform Passes

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rush-limbaughConservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show that he will eventually leave the country if the health care bill passes and its provisions are implemented.

Liberal media watchdog Media Matters recorded Limbaugh’s comments. Limbaugh said, “I’ll just tell you this, if this passes and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented – I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.”

It is not clear if Limbaugh was making a joke, if he was saying he would leaving the country permanently, or if he was saying he would leave just for health care.

The radio host was responding to a caller who asked, “If the health care bill passes, where would you go for health care yourself?”

{Huffington Post/Noam Newscenter}


  1. This is a complete media tweak. He clearly said, and clarified today, that if the bill passes and private insurance are put out of business and doctors can’r run private practices, he would go to Costa Rica for treatment where small private practices are starting to pop up.

  2. To Costa Rica? Their president, Oscar Arias, is a member of the Partido LiberaciĆ³n Nacional, which is part of the Socialist International.

    The United States is notably one of a tiny number of countries with NO political party in the Socialist International.

  3. He meant he would go there for medical care as many good doctors would open private practices in counntries that would allow them(such as Costa Rica),and have thier clients fly there for treatment. He didnt mean moving out of usa.

  4. What he really said was that if he will need medical treatment he will go to Costo Rico, because with ObamaCare the quality of our Health care will drop signifigantly

  5. That’s clearly not what he was saying. What he did say was he would go there for medical treatment if under obamacare doctors are not allowed to opt out and treat patients privately. Insurance companies would open there own hospitals outside the U.S.

  6. First of all why should any yid be concerned if this ainoi yehudi does make a exit from this country why are frum yiden who are guided by our torah so concerned and so full of explainations on why he did or didnt mean what he said, who cares if he leaves our lives wont be affected in any way? secondly why believe this person when he threatens that under obamas health care system there will be no more private doctors this definitely sounds like an absurd belief and such a policy would never get passed in congress and besides, in countries like england and france theres a public health system but there are private practices so whats this lie and bluff all about? And thirdly whats so much better under the current system there are people out there that are dying because they cant afford health care and this is officialy from the wealthiest countries in the world and let noone convince you that its the lazy jobless people who dont have any health care because thats not true many hard working americans have no health care and so is it not an imperative upon the wealthiest country in the world to do something about this considering that countries far poorer then ours have a much better system?

  7. Quite amusing considering that Costa Rica has a government run health care system which is highly ranked and is open to foreigners as well as the local population. How do you rail on “Obamacare” and then say you’re going to run off and suck on the tit of socialized health care in another country?

    Is lacking a brain a requirement of being a Republican?

  8. Think rationally
    If the other countries have a better health care system then the US, so why do people from those countries come to the US for health care?
    it’s specifically because they’re system that they’re health care is inferior to ours, because it takes away the incentive for the doctor to be his best; which is really the general problem of having any socialist program.
    it’s sad, people are socialist in ideals without even realizing it!

  9. if health care is the make it or break it for anybody to move to israel i think you should have your emunah and avoidas Hashem examined.

  10. If Limbaugh leaves, the conservative the nazi/socialism lemmings may follow his lead as they usually do. The Obama naysayers must have amnesia. They forget where we were January 19th 2009.

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