Limbaugh: ‘The Media Didn’t Make Me, and They Can’t Break Me’

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rushConservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is dismissing Democratic campaigns to paint him as the man steering the Republican Party, and media frenzies over his most controversial comments. “The media didn’t make me, and they can’t break me,” he said in a portion of an NBC interview that aired today.

“I am not the leader of the Republican Party. Don’t want to be the leader of the Republican Party,” said Limbaugh. “It’s silly for them to keep talking about how I’m the leader of anything, it’s just creating more curiosity about me. It’s 21 years, more popular than ever. Lord, thank you for my enemies.”

In interview excerpts released by the network, Limbaugh said he had been moved by the election of the nation’s first black president – “but I got over it pretty quickly.”

Obama’s election has heightened racial discord, he said. “I predicted to you it was going to exacerbate racial problems, and it has,” said Limbaugh. “There’s a race industry in the country. They make money off it. They have fame and fortune off of it. And I predicted exactly what’s happened.

“Any criticism of President Obama is going to be said to be oriented in racism. And if you don’t like his health care bill, it’s racist. If you don’t like his cap and trade, it’s racist.”

Limbaugh also said grateful for the prescription drug addiction that forced him into treatment six years ago.

“I actually thank God for my addiction,” he said. “I learned more about myself in rehab than I would have ever learned otherwise.”

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  1. rush represents no one but his crazy self and is a hypocrite oyzvarf that belongs in a mental insitution and is a walking chilul hashem

  2. Goyim do not create Chillul Hashem and he is a goy after all. However he does have many valid points. Thank Hashem I haven’t been listening to the radio I am glad to have most of it out of my system. I thank Hashem for that one and
    by the way they can’t stand his recognition that his talent is on loan from Hashem.

  3. Rush is a Frum Yid! He is the Rosh! and he is a chillul Hashem. He doesnt wear a yarmulkah… he barely keeps Shabbos… Noone should listen to his Hashkafos anymore!

  4. He isn’t a frum yid he is a goy since when don’t you know the difference neighter his parents were jewish or even remotely close to jews. Based on that he sticks up for ERETZ YISROEL more then our own PRES. does, RUSH NOR
    LIMBAUGH IS JEWSIH SOUNDING NAME> Maybe you confuse his comment about his talent on loan from ABOVE as being a Yid. I feel that is a major part of his success,

  5. The frum world has become obsessed with Rush. The frum world quotes Rush. The frum world can’t even think for itself anymore. Everything they say sounds like they were programmed by Rush. I myself discovered him way back when he started here locally on WABC. I was crazy over his show until he started taking himself too seriously. But apparantly so do the robots in our “Oilam.” Shut the radio for a week and use your own brains and your own words, everyone!

  6. To GOLUS yid you are absolutely right it is great not to be invested in any goyisha radio figure. Or even in a yidisha radio figure it destroys the mind and decays the brain. When you invest hours and hours there isn’t much time left for anything else brain wise. As a matter of fact anything else is the same way. That goes for the web for the texting or I pods it is also including facebook or whatever. Therefor lets just be normal about it. Lets create our own sucess story


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