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lipaFive Towns/Far Rockaway – Achiezer and Gourmet Glatt will be sponsoring a special concert for the children of the Five Towns/Far Rockaway are today at 1 PM.

This free  Concert for Kids will take place at HAFTR located at 635 Central Avenue, featuring LIPA Shmelczer and a special guest.

Seating is limited to 400 people– first come first serve. Priority seating will be given to children under 12.

No food allowed whatsoever.

Electric Update

We have received the following very important information from Assemblyman Phil Goldfeders office regarding the power situation in Far Rockaway and Bayswater.

In a meeting facilitated by Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, community leaders met with LIPA last night to identify blocks that were not flooded and hopefully have those blocks restored as soon as possible.

There is no exact time line for these restorations, but it will exempt these blocks from electrician requirement.

If your block or home did have flooding, NYC and LIPA are requiring an inspection by a licensed electrician to ensure your home is safe to energize.

Have your electrical equipment inspected and, if necessary, cleaned and repaired by a licensed electrical contractor. The contractor must then submit a completed Self-Certification form that is signed and sealed directly to LIPA. Form is provided by your licensed electrical contractor.

Your contractor can submit the Self-Certification Form to LIPA by faxing it to (631) 844-3643, emailing or by delivering it to our temporary service center at Beach 108th Street and Beach Channel Drive in Rockaway Park.

Once certification is submitted, LIPA will issue a service turn-on for your location. Power will be restored within 24-72 hours. LIPA does the service turn-on internally and no action needs to be taken by residents.

LIPA officials will be available tomorrow at our community meeting at 1pm in the parking lot next to the 100th Precinct on 94th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd and will take any questions from the public.

Nassau officials have advised us that large parts of Inwood, Lawrence, Cedarhurst and Woodmere have been restored, with many more restorations expected by Tuesday.


Today there will be a massive cleanup effort across the neighborhood.

From Belle Harbor to Basywater, Rockaway, Woodmere, Oceanside and everwhere in between, hundreds of our volunteers will be out in force.

The Achiezer community hotline number is 516-791-4444.

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  1. Cute of Lipa.. His type to make a pun out of LIPA. His humor always comes through; We gotta give him credit for offering his entertaining services at such a time 🙂

  2. Way to go, Lipa. And kol hakavod to Achiezer – they aren’t just talking about the importance of chesed – they’re out there doing it 24/7. We should follow their example of achdus.


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