Listen: A Father’s Message to His Children During These Tumultuous Times




  1. That’s something worth hearing and spreading all over the web. We all have been through many and this too shall pass. Hold the fire in you. Wait for your time. It’s war out there.

  2. With consideration to the actual message on the recording, the face in that picture does not seem to match that voice. So why…?

  3. Spectacular!
    One of the most powerful and sensible divrei mussar I’ve ever heard!
    A MUST listen for everyone!
    Fortunate are the children who have a father with such clarity and hashkafa!
    This “father” should be the keynote speaker at all our dinners, and chinuch events!

  4. Very good speech. I just want to mention about weddings. In order for this to work, we need the halls to be on board. They have to pay the rent so they have ridiculous minimums and if you don’t upgrade then they nickel and dime you for everything. Some askanim have to come up with a plan that would work for EVERYONE equally. For starters Only a lechayim with the choson kallah and parents. No vort or tanayim parties. Chasunas – I disagree on those that give a number to invite because some have 10-11 children and if they are marrying off number 11 which sibling isn’t going to be invited. I think its best to say only immediate family is invited to the meal everyone else is invited for dancing. No more invitations like this no one gets insulted if they don’t get one and those that feel close will come on their own. Jewelry and gifts have to be toned down Gowns what wrong with a Shabbos dress and the list could be expanded but this has to be for everyone

  5. Although this is a very powerful speech, there is a very strong rebuttal out there to this. This speech really puts down K’lal Yisroel collectively, saying that we are really living our lives much to the disappointment and displeasure of HKB’H. The rebuttal highlights how Klal Yisroel behaves in many ways in ways that we should be proud and that HKB’H is proud of us and “Mi K’amcha Yisroel” in the way we have unprecedented limud Hatorah, chedesd, G’machs for everything, how we help each other, how much monsey we shell out for tuition, etc. etc. etc. I hope that will get posted to – it’s uplifting. May HKB’H be mereacheim on all of us and bring an end to this mageifa and bring Mashiach!!

    • The chessed in klal yisroel in general and particularly through this tragedy has been phenomenal. We must not be critical of our fellow Jews in a time of din, judgement. This is well known. Read the Sanzer Rebbi’s words of Chizuk on this very same subject.
      As for the chessed. Who would have dreamt of Pesach boxes? Of Rabbanim coming out and saying this year is an exception, don’t be machmir in anything but saving a life. Teachers who did not use technology doing so to teach their talmidim. Teachers who brought Pesach packages of the Haggadah, etc. to the children’s door. Hatzalah volunteers, doctors, nurses. Kimcha D’Piskka still being done. The yid in NY who sent money to the Rav who usually asks for Kimcha D’Piska when the usual mailing wasn’t done because of the situation. He said How do I make a wire transfer, since i can’t get to the bank. The multitudes of younger people shopping for older people. The nurse saying viduy with the Jewish patients. I’m leaving room for others to join in. Let’s all find the GOOD in Klal Yisroel. It’s what we need now.

  6. Please replace the picture of the old man associated with this audio clip.
    Totally wrong image for the most powerful message I’ve heard in the last two weeks.
    Can you please share the identity of this articulate and very wise man?

  7. It’s obvious that most of us know someone who could be the wonderful source of such thoughts; his hashkafos and our kabalos — not his name or picture — need to matter most!


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