LISTEN: A Gut Yom Tov Am Yisrael!

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Tzvi Moshe Arnstein from the Tzion Minute podcast shares a fresh perspective on why the Yom Haatzmaut celebrations in Israel, are your celebration too.

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  1. I am disgusted by any rabbi who has to the gall to call Yom H. a Yom Too. It is a secularized holiday similar to Thanksgiving and to call it a Yom Too is a distortion of the Torah. Any G-d fearing should distance themselves form these type of rabbis.

  2. You should not be mechallel Yom Tov for non-Jewish choggess. You can say A Gutten Chogge but not a term used for kedusha.

  3. Ridiculous that he calls the current state a level of Moshiach ben Yosef. The state was founded on rodfei Hadas and the Brisker Rov said it can fall in a moment when Moshiach is ready to come.

  4. Hashem Yishmereinu!
    is this guy for real?!
    confusing diferrent things and making it as all one and the same .
    such a bilbul! nehbach!
    and at the end he tops it with saying ” wave your flag” !
    so hes disagreeing with so many gedolim zt”l !?!
    is this a pd ad?

  5. if you want to thank Hashem for Letting us live and grow in ey . fine. but the time to thank Hashem is not on yom haatzmaut. it is not the day to thank Hashem more than thanking hashem on another day.

  6. Why would you post idolatry, heresy and foolishness?
    The Zionist State pushes off the geulah, and the people who have moved there have zero to do with any nevuah of Klal Yisrael returning to E”Y.

    • And what are your credentials to pasken that the current wave of Aliya is not the beginning of kibbutz Golios. Are you saying that your a Navi?

  7. this person is a good example of the recent phenomenon of well meaning american frum person, but very lacking in knowledge of facts, torah hashkafa understanding and perspective, and a clear mesorah.
    ofcourse he may have a good point here and there [ celebrating july 4th in the way that he expresses it. but he uses the point to bait the listener in order to express his false hashkafa. We do have hakaros hatov for the usa. Rav a. miller used to say that one should hang a usa flag outside his house on july 4 but ofcourse not an israeli flag on any day ]
    His good point is unfortunately exagerated and out of context and gives him and the listener a non torah outlook and wrong attitude toward the medina.


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