LISTEN: Chassidishe Caller to Michael Savage Makes Kiddush Hashem

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  1. “emes”, is the opposite of sheker. You got your name wrong!

    Henry put it in very simple terms but on the right track. There is way more to this then the few simple words he used to answer the question. Sooo I guess Rabbi Emes, start educating yourself. Life is full of meaning and pride. Seems like you can use a healthy portion of both.

  2. to to change our beliefs in order that goyim should like is not what i would call a kiddush hashem vi’ayin yam shel shlomo baba kama perek daled .

  3. “Emes…what nonsense are YOU talking about?”
    maybe show a mareh makom for this? (and even if its true somebody says this – that this normative belief)


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