LISTEN: Dr. Richard Roberts Discusses Fighting Anti-Semitism, Chillul Hashem of Anti-Vaxxers, and More


Dr. Richard Roberts spoke to Mr. Zev Brenner on Talkline about who he consulted regarding his activism and taking steps to address anti-Semitism in Jackson Township. He also discussed development in Lakewood, working to get President Trump to visit Lakewood before the 2020 presidential elections, the chillul Hashem of anti-vaxxers, and more.




  1. Exactly. He’s just a businessman that at one point Hashem decided to make him rich. His opinion is worth the same as any Baal habos regardless of his/her station in life

  2. He means chillul Hashem of vaxxers who are endangering the lives of their children with vaccinations that are killing their immune system for life.

  3. I am a mechanic. I’m starting a big askunis campaign bec. its a huge chillul Hashem when Jews buy fancy new cars. You can trust me because I dont even sell used cars… Vehamaivin yavin…

  4. Doctor, I understand you just have to follow protocol and do not have to do any research, but before accusing Jews of making a chillul Hashem which is a huge accusation, how about explaining why there were hardly any autistic children, hardly any allergies in children and hardly any sudden neurological disorders in children before 1960? And don’t say it’s not true when you know very well it’s 100% true.

  5. Dr. Roberts is a great man, who does a lot for the community. He deserves our gratitude.

    We don’t have to agree with him always, but respect and gratitude are called for in a major way.

    • One does not have the right to “purchase” value to his views. Regardless of the good he does he is not a gadol and he has no right to publicly vilify Yidden. Chazal stood far from this at all times. The good he does and the Jakarta’s hatov that one may feel from benefitting from him is completely an independent factor. We may perhaps feel hakaros hatoiv to the Israeli army for defending Eretz Yisroel but that would not grant them the right to publicly air their views and that we should listen to them.

  6. When the truth comes out and we find that vaccines were really just like any other medicine or even worse because they didn’t undergo double blind placebo testing the goyim are going to burn down the synagogues and Jewish doctors offices, that will be justified anti-semitism.

  7. The world health organization was just caught on tape saying that there are not enough studies and they don’t know anything about the safety. So why is this even a debate?

  8. The gemara says רבי מכבד עשירים, רבי עקיבא מכבד עשירים

    Some such people amass great zechusim.

  9. המבזה תלמיד חכם אין רפואה למכתו
    גהינום כלה והם אינם כלים
    Maybe he learns אין רפואה למכתו but yes vaccine למכתו

  10. This hugely controversial issue Must be left to the goodwill of the parent of the child the individual and the trusted medical authority of each person

    Neither this person or his perverted “medical cohorts” have my trust so why should i be compelled to drink his poison?

    Vaccinations and the drug companies are mistrusted by most people So why are they even in business much less given a mandate over public health ?

    Leave us alone to recover our health

  11. טוב שברופאים לגיהנם because they know the truth and are blinded for money. Israel’s Health Minister Litzman fired 2 doctors for revealing the truth about vaccination. This should be a wake up call for the sheeple.

    • He also mandated that they put fluoride in all of Israel’s drinking water.
      Btw, why would anyone want to inject themselves with fetuses of aborted babies?! Vaccines have aborted babies in their magical formula. Did you know that?


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