Listen: Hysterical Prank Caller Posing As Donald Trump To Popular Radio Host In Israel

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Popular Israeli radio host, Erel Segal, was fooled by a Trump impersonator Monday, airing a live call with the prankster on his radio program.

During his daily show on Army Radio, Erel Segal informed his listeners that Trump was on the line aboard Air Force One while making his way to Israel.


The fake Trump tried copying the president’s voice and talking style in his talks about brokering a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

“I would love to make a deal. I can’t promise I’ll make a deal. It’s going to be a very big deal if I can make the deal but I can’t promise anything. So right now, I would like to just listen,” fake Trump said.

Segal realized he was being taken for a ride when the imposter invoked the name of right wing lawmaker Moshe Feiglin as someone whose advice he was considering. Segal quickly ended the call after that, saying “Mr. President, thank you for talking with us” before hanging up.

After being ridiculed for falling for the ruse, Segal acknowledged his mistake in a Twitter post, joking that he “will take revenge.”



  1. I guess any American would realize buy for a Isreali it’s hard to notice different access. This prankster was from


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