LISTEN: Jewish Man Comes to Aid of Stranger in Pain

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Sammy, a young Jewish man from Far Rockaway, saw a 3-month-pregnant lady waving him down for help while he was driving down the road. He immediately stopped and waited until EMTs transported the lady, who was suffering from pain, to the hospital.  Listen to the inspiring 911 call below.


  1. I appreciate these gestures, but they are risky. I was heavily involved in aiding a non-jew from New Zealand in recouping money stolen from him by a supposedly fum man. I put my name, professional reputation, and even my life on the line. I was threatened in many ways by several individuals for more than several months, but I persevered. After aiding in recouping very substantial amounts of money, the non-jew turned around and sued me and the frum guy — now in jail — claiming that we were in a scheme together to defraud him. He didn’t care that it was untrue. The fact that he acknowledged how he knew of no basis to pursue me didn’t matter a wit. There was no decency or principle in the end. He wanted money, he found a deep pocket to sue, and he found some neophyte lawyer greedy enough to give it a try.

    In the end, his ridiculous claims could not withstand a motion to dismiss. Obviously, you can’t compare all situations. And most non-Jews are decent people. But my point is: be careful. If given the opportunity, some non-jews resort to baseless anti-semetic stereotypes and collusion theories to destroy you if he can get even a penny out of it.

  2. sammy was acting like a mentch. it is sad that everyone gets excited when someone just does the right thing. it’s sad that we cant take it for granted that everyone would help a person in distress.

  3. Wait, I’m not getting this at all. Knowing that Hatzolahs response time is so much quicker, why not call Hatzolah, regardless of the woman’s faith???

    • Because Htzolas resources are limited, it makes sense that they are utilized by the comunity that funds them, as evidenced by the many ongoing campaignes specifically in our community. There are EMT’s for a reason, and they are perfectly adequate, the “upgrade” comes with a membership;)
      Of course, this is a situation which apparently was not life threatening.

    • No it’s not legal. His recording his own alleged conversation proves that he did this for recognition. This Sammy guy pulled a fast one on the gullible dummies that run

  4. Why in the world is this conversation posted? Is this first EMS call ever to have been made? Hatzalah has been doing this for dozens of years.


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