Listen: Mike Francessa Slams Insane Protestors of Gorilla vs. Child

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  1. Ben Torah – nobody said to be machshiv him. It is though such a great clip because there are 150,000 idiots in this world (and the list is growing) who are petitioning in favor of an animal over a human. It needs to be said and at least he said it.

  2. Mike Francesa, for your information, is a Sonei Yisrael.

    Immediately after the September 11 tragedy, he publicly questioned the loyalty of Jewish-Americans, and accused them of dual loyalty with Eretz Yisrael.

    This can all be verified via Google.

    • I was just going to post this. He went even further, he was pretty much the first to blame Israel for September 11. A real hater.

      Well, OK, so WFAN got rid of that show’s recording.

  3. Ben Torah: Take your head out of the sand and wake up. This world listens to the media’s opinion. Thank goodness we have one of the biggest radio showhosts (he has an enormous audience nation wide)with a little brains to explain to millions how absurd people are!

  4. This tragedy is the fault of greedy Republicans who prefer giving tax cuts to the wealthy over upgrading animal habitats.


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