Listen: Rabbi Avrohom Asher Makovsky’s “Daily Dose of Chesed” Podcast on – Your Primary Obligation of Giving Tzedakah Begins With Your Relatives

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  1. Yasher koach Rabbi Makovsky , finally somebody screaming that the emperor has no clothes. Such a basic, mentchlach , common sense approach , and it’s hardly , if ever , taught.
    Most people in this world have at least 1 member in an extended family that is well off. I don’t know the percentage , but let’s even say it’s at least 50 %
    We can reduce the amount of charity organizations significantly if these rich relatives took care of their own instead of looking elsewhere.
    We absolutely must first consider family when we give . This halacha should be taught to every boy and girl starting in kindergarten classes.

  2. It is a great point.. However you should also know that most times people will be very embarrassed to take from family. A person told me how he even tried to get it to a family member through some back cannels and the person found out and sent it back(not every time are the well to do relatives at fault)


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