Listen: Rabbi Menachem Apter: Issue Out of a Tissue?

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  1. “…. from this we see how far one Yid has to go for another Yid…”. This is a quote.
    Only to another Yid? How about being nice to our neighbors, who are our fellow Human Beings? Aren’t we supposed to learn from Avrom Aveinu who did Chesed to anyone on the street? What should our children think when we first ask a person about his ethnicity before helping him? Are we only supposed to help Non-Yidden when we’re putting on an act of a grand Kiddush-Hashem performance?

    • Yidden are family, non-Yidden are not. Yes, we have to be nice to our neighbors, but do you show preference for you family members over non-family members? If a family member and a stranger ask you for a loan, and you only have enough for one, which one would you lend?

      • No. This is not a situation where there is only enough for one.
        Our mentality is, that the whole idea of doing Chesed applies Only when we are dealing with a Yid. No empathy or caring for a Non-Yid, even though they happen to be our neighbor or co-worker. Even the Agudah Convention ended the speeches by saying, “may this winter be a happy & healthy season for all Yidden”.

    • Is there no way to post transcripts?
      Yes I think we have to give a tissue to a nonjew who asks us. But sometimes it’s a bigger issue than tissues.


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