LISTEN: Rabbi Paysach Krohn Shares The Incredible Story Of The Trooper The Pulled Over A Rabbi One Day After The Siyum Hashas



  1. Reckless driving is reckless and a chilli hashim. This genoynok is lucky he wasn’t in a accident. Act and drive like a mentch. Learn a Daf is fine. Drive recklessly get a fine.

      • Listen to the story. The driver was driving reckless, weaving in and out of traffic. Just because you are frum Etc doesn’t make you immune to getting stopped. Our frum card entitlement has to end and normalcy has to start. Anyone else would of been arrested.

        • weaving in and out of traffic can mean a lot of things. Some of them reckless, some of them depending on the officer. And, apparently, some of them depending on who the officer stopped.

      • The commenter is right to an extent though, driving wildly (if that was the case) is wrong, echod mazid v’echod shogeg b’chillul R”L.

    • How are you so sure of that? Did you speak to Rabbi Ginsburg or to Rabbi Krohn and asked them?
      Why don’t we hear from you about all the fake news, the fake politicians and deadly vaccinations they’re trying to force upon us?

  2. When I heard this story I was blown away. From the thousands of Orthodox jews who ride the Parkway every day it happened to Rabbi Ginsburg. 7.5 years ago, the day after the 12th siyum the same story happened to stam a guy. But this time around it happened to an educator who is part of the hashgocha pratis industry. That’s a whole new level of inspiration.


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