LISTEN: Rav Gershon Ribner: The Yeshiva Movement’s Stance Towards Rosh Hashanah in Uman

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  1. Does this part of the “yeshiva movement” scorn visiting Kivrei Avos in general? Including to Meron? The frum publications often publicize exactly that activity. These types of assertion come from a lack of thorough investigation and communication. No one would learn in yeshiva with such a superficial approach.

  2. so why doesnt the rav takke ask a bal avoda why he is going and what he gets out of it ask rav eliezer trenk , or rav shmuel breinis…to formulate an opinion publicly without a masheu of research is unfair. imagine someone says i never visited the kollel in bmg nor did i ask the yungeleit … but here is what i think

  3. With all due respect you need to learn Rebbe Nachman’s teachings on the importance of Uman to understand the Breslover rationale for going.

    While I’ve studied Breslov chassidus I’m not an expert enough to summarize the main points. But if I had to summarize it briefly I would think this is a good way to do it.

    Rebbe Nachman was a tzaddik at an extremely high level. His teachings contain multitudes of highly effective ways to improve one’s avodas Hashem. Thus, for many Jews, following his teachings in all their details is the most ideal way of serving Hashem, and perhaps the only way to really achieve what Hashem wants us to achieve in this world.

    The Zohar says a tzaddik is even more powerful after death than during his life. To achieve the most in this life spiritually, Breslovers need to go to Uman for Rosh HaShana because this is when Rebbe Nachman helps give his followers a special boost to allow them to fulfill this teachings, along with the rest of the Torah, and serve Hashem at the highest possible level.

    Another explanation that might make sense to more people: if you feel a special connection to a tzaddik and he is your rebbe, you go to him on holidays when he tells you to. You follow his teachings even if you don’t understand them. This is how chassidim have always behaved. It is part of the respect and honor and faith we invest in our rabbis.

  4. Seems like, R. Ribner is saying that if one has a Lakewood or a Bobov (and by extension, The Mir, Satmar, etc) to daven in, then one should not give that up to go to daven in Uman. But what about the 99% of Klal Yisroel that doesnt have places like these to daven in. Is it then a ggod thing to go to Uman? Should one leave his minyan in RBS to go to Uman? What about leaving Kedushas Eretz Yisroel where one should be if possible for the Yomim noraim and instead go to Artzei HaTumah. What about leaving ones family alon for Yom Tov? That doesnt mean anything

  5. With all due respect to Rabbi Ribner even though I have been davening in Daled Amos Shel Halacha for almost 60 Years. Not all Jews do. They daven in their Shuis, shtibelach and other minyanim. and these places and their nuschaos turn them on. If a person goes to Uman and it talks to him so be it. Lets sell the gadlus of the daled amos shel halacha and not knock the other Jews


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