LISTEN TO THIS: Frum Man Shows Compassion for Poor Phone Scammer in India, Offers Him a Job if He Moves to the US

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  1. Well if he comes to the USA on his own he is subject to immigration issues regarding his status as a phone scammer, but if this fellow gets him an H1b visa then they both can go to jail for lying on the application

  2. The scammers don’t care under what pretense they milk your cash, he will try to get you to “help him” get to America and take the money and you will never actually see the guy

  3. They actually are poor trying to put bread on the table…which is really sad.they are punished by losing their job and manipulated in many ways. There actually are poor people in this world, trying to survive by doing anything to make a dollar…and we are busy with food all day…


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