Lithuania Calls on Israel to ‘Stop Settlement Expansion’

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settlementEuropean Union rotating president Lithuania called today for Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank, saying they were impeding the peace process.

The statement followed talks between Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite and visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Grybauskaite called on Israel “to end the expansion of settlements in the occupied territories,” insisting that “the European Union does not recognize settlements as part of Israel.”

“Such actions by Israel impair the progress of peace talks,” she said in an official statement published on her website.

Construction starts in Jewish settlements land rose by 70 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2013, anti-settlement group Peace Now said last week.

Grybauskaite said the Middle East peace process was a “historic opportunity” which “must continue.”

“The European Union strongly supports a peaceful two-state solution, which would enable Israel and Palestine to live side-by-side in peace and security,” she said.

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  1. Does she know.facts or just the lines that this Rasha fed her! Does she know of any wars where Israel was attacked, fought back and won “BACK” its own land? Fool!

  2. And one more point!
    Did she see today’s news where a Palestinian who lives side by side with Acheinu Bnei Yisroel from Beitar pulled a knife on a bus that WE provided him a ride upon? Live side by side with whom?

  3. And one final point for the Grubbe kupp!
    Does she not see the tunnels from Gaza? The side by side neighbor? Let her learn history of her own nation’s attitude and killings of Jews before she dictates peace with a nation of terrorists before she dictates to Israel. Certainly her knowledge of facts are blocked by her grubbe kup!

  4. All israel is “a settlement,” so I guess they are really saying that Israel is the one impeding the peace process. (by the way wasn’t it Lithuania that was eaten alive in a peace treaty between Germany and Russia? )

  5. Esteemed Lithuanian government
    According to decolonization advocates, settlers should return whence they came. Does that perhaps mean we can return to Lietuva? Will our forefathers’ possessions be restored as well?

  6. Israel should say the day LIthuania stops building in their cities, Israel will stop building in Israel. As we speak I would almost bet there is another building, house, etc. going up in one of the cities in Lithuania.

  7. Just love how the countries that were so willing to aid the Nazi killing machine, have the audacity to dictate to the Jews that are B’H alive and well in their own Homeland to try committing suicide, because the job wasn’t finished. Chutzpah beyond words. As long as the State invites them and seems to forgive them for their past sins and all is forgiven, they think they have the right to still forge ahead with their ancient and never-ending plans of getting rid of the Jews. When will we learn?

  8. The Lithuanians personally slaughtered 200,000 yidden and confiscated our money and properties. Who are they to talk? I guess it’s one rasha dancing with another rasha(Russia)….


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