Little Caesars Workers Fired After Swastika Found On Pizza

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Two Little Caesars workers have been fired after an Ohio couple found pepperonis placed to form a backward swastika on their pizza.

Misty and Jason Laska made the discovery when they opened the box that they had purchased at the store on Smith Road in Brook Park on Saturday.

In a statement to WOIO-TV, Little Caesar Enterprises said it has “zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form.”

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  1. Crowd pleased. The good swastica the pizza the danger.

    Do you realize how fat you will get just looking at it with real pepporonei arrangement? Its your ready day!

    Fit to toss.

    • It was a square and then they ran out of pepperoni. Just an honest mistake. That’s all. Stay calm and carry on.

  2. This is actually a happy story. Although there feelings may have nebach been a little hurt, they were saved from eating basar b’chalav!


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