Litzman: We Are Fighting For The Right To Live As Charedim


Yahadut Torah held a rally on Sunday night with thousands of participants, including important rabbis and Chasidic rebbes and Knesset members from Agudas Israel and Degel Hatorah.

Deputy Health Minister Litzman addressed the crowd at the rally: “This time we are really close to the YomHadin. Rosh Hashanah is at the door and we looking for merits. We are davening with tens of thousands of Jews here to our father our king to avert the plans of those who are fighting against us.”

“What is the struggle about this time? On kvod Shamayim, on our right to be charedim and keep the mitzvos, to fulfill a life of Torah and faith. Not right versus left, not Netanyahu versus Gantz, and not political policy or the economy. The only thing that’s important to them is who will succeed in establishing a government without charedim.”

“Think how they would respond in Israel and the world if they would declare a government without Ethiopians, without the Druze?

“But it’s okay to insult charedim, to slander and besmirch them. Jewish values – important values which were held sacred for years – they want to uproot everything.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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