Live: Get The Presidential Debate Here

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obama-romney-2012[Live video below.] If you aren’t in Denver to see tonight’s presidential debate live, we’ve got the next best thing: start-to-finish streaming coverage of the debate, complemented by live-stream commentary before and after from ABC News and Yahoo and more.

Here’s the full rundown so you know where to be, and what to expect, when you tune in:

8 p.m.: ABC/Yahoo live-stream pregame show, anchored by ABC’s Amy Walter and Dan Harris, featuring Yahoo journalists including Holly Bailey, Jeff Macke and Phoebe Connelly.

8:45 p.m.: Start of live blog, hosted by Chris Suellentrop and featuring Yahoo News columnists Walter Shapiro, Jeff Greenfield and Virginia Heffernan. (You can join below, too.)

9 p.m.: Live stream of the presidential debate from Denver begins.

10:30 p.m.: Debate ends. ABC/Yahoo postgame live stream begins, featuring Yahoo News’s own Walter Shapiro and Olivier Knox.

Get it all HERE or watch below:

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  1. nice job romney! i was shocked, he delivered powerful arguments and backed them up with facts, numbers, statistics and percenteges, obama spoke with a lot of fluff but lacking substance, he did not have the answers and he made many factual errors


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