Live Hookup On Rubashkin Conference With Attorney Nat Lewin


rubashkin2[Hookup number and pin below.]  At 7:30 p.m., there will be a live hookup with a message from noted attorney Nat Lewin, who is the lead appellate lawyer in the case of Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, at a special gathering for community leaders and askanim.

One can listen in on this special conference by calling 712-432-1001 and entering any one of the following pin numbers followed by the pound sign: 425659388#, 440260208#, 421515662#, 425354354#. If one extention does not work, try a different one.

{ Newscenter}


  1. what is happening to the movie that is being worked on reportedly on the rubashkin case from the michael moore producer H’ora?? anybody knows

  2. I would urge everybody to follow up to what Nat Lewin urged everybody to write to the Justice Department, also to your congressman to have a full public investigation.

  3. Everybody should take two minutes out of their precious schedule to rate this inhumane judge.
    Let the world know what you think.
    Let us work at trying to get this judge disbarred.
    Enough already!!

  4. Address to write to please?
    I missed the phone call. If we could have an audio that would be perfect.
    I am sure everyone will write.
    Let’s try to get a full investigation.
    Let’s open up the can and let all the worms crawl out.

  5. Rate that judge, if you type in on Linda Reade, that site comes up first, and its even on Linda Reade’s Wikipedia page..

    Thanks for posting that site to rate Linda Reade..

  6. please post the exact address to where we can send to the depsartment of justice. Also you should post some talking points or a full nisuch of what the letters should say


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