Live: Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW, On “Adult Children At Home: How It Affects The House”

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12 p.m. EST: Click below to watch:

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  1. Big chessed this is. I listen to him on Jroot. We need more of this, not everyone can afford to pay for therapy and he is extremely helpful when your issues are less complicated. He does a tremendous service to us and we need to be very grateful for that. Kudos to Mordechai Weinberger, you are a great guy and have a huge heart..I have been listening to you for awhile now. May Hashem pay you back with Brocho, V’hatzlacha in everything you do. You have an extremely kind soul. Thanks

  2. The reality is that Jews have an ethical obligation to keep their family in all good hopes if there is a common threat to the existence of any of their family members. So yet, there is no problem with an adult child at home for their adulthood, but there are always transections of limitation for the child to be a blessing in his or her own way without their own dwelling place. Truly if you are in a situation where there is illness in your family or a loss of job or experience, your home is a blessing to yourself and your family. And it might be even a mitzvah and a blessing to have your child spend more face time with you in your days of healthy living. B’H


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