LIVE STREAM: 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination

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Watch live coverage from Virginia, Dallas, Texas and Boston on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the 35th President of the United States:


  1. To Comment #3. from Joseph:

    Our Torah HaKdosha teaches us that as Hashem is the Creator and Mastor of the world, everything that happens in the world, is because HE makes it happen. HE is the One Who makes everything happen in the world. So when HE does something, HE obviously has a reason for doing it.

    When a tremendously major event happens, like the assasination of the president — who is really serving in the role like the “king” of the country — of the very major world country of the United States, there are obviously tremendous reasons why Hashem does it. There a numerous important –Torah — lessons we can learn from it. So it definately is a Torahdike item that we need to contemplate.

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