Local Jews Feel Terrorized After Latest Terror Plot


hikindNew York area synagogues were on heightened alert today, and some New York City apartment buildings were taking the extra precaution of not accepting package deliveries at all. This was all in response to Friday’s discovery of an international terror plot from Yemen targeting synagogues in Chicago.

 “When something like this happens, it’s an awakening call to all of us saying the threat of radical Islam is not over, and will not be over, and we’ve got to be on alert all the time,” said State Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Hikind, a member of Brooklyn’s Jewish community, said it’s no longer a question of if synagogues would be struck by terrorists, but when.

The Secure Community Alert Network, or SCAN put New York synagogues on alert Monday, sending out a communique saying they are “advised to immediately be on the lookout for the delivery of any large packages if opened, that may contain printers, printer cartridges, cell phones or timers.”

The same packaging was involved in Friday’s terror.

“I told my staff, my wife is the head of a Jewish organization, I told her on Friday, I said ‘Don’t open anything. Be extra careful, because that’s the reality of life. That’s the world we’re living in, we’re living in a world where there are enemies of America that want to kill us,” Hikind said.

The heightened security has area Jews feeling terrorized themselves. “We’re very scared and we tried to pray to God to watch on us,” said Moshe Blumenberg of Borough Park.

Area Jewish organizations said they were particularly concerned about their mail, especially packages.

Members said holes in the screening of international cargo make them vulnerable to anything coming through the mail.

There were reports that 15 Central Park West was diverting packages but a UPS driver told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa that he had just delivered something to the building without any problems.

{CBS NY/Matzav.com}


  1. Hashem should watch us. But I have a question please. I understand that the City dosn’t wan’t to make a panic. And by the way thanks to the Cops for protecting our streets and buildings. But Shouldn’t I know some thing? I didn’t listen to the news on Friday. And on Shabbos I saw a police car siting on our shul in BP. This usaly happens when the city is on “alert”, but I’m used to it already. If it is chas v’sholem an alert shouldnt be reminded to be more vigilent?

  2. ” Hikind, a member of Brooklyn’s Jewish community, said it’s no longer a question of if synagogues would be struck by terrorists, but when” HOW CAN A YID TALK LIKE THIS???

  3. #1, the police car was sitting on your shul? How did it get up there ? That must have been a sight to see a police car sitting on the shul.
    Also why cant Hikind infuse Hashem in his statements? Why not a little bitachon, instead of assuming the worst and encouraging the satan to act?

  4. If you know anything about dov then u would know how much he talks about hashem. I know him and he says it all the time. Why do you insist on being so judgmental. Your simply just wrong about it

  5. Number 2- He is simply talking from a pragmatic point of you and the point is to make people aware how serious the situation is…Obviously hashem is watching over us. Why are people so quick to be so critical.
    Its such a turn off!!!

  6. It’s a term used by Law enforcment when they sit and watch a house or in this case a shul. They use the term “Let’s sit on that location” Example: did you ever see a baby sitter sit on babies?


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