London Shlachthoiz Stormed by Animal Rights Group


Menachem Rephun reports for JP Updates: A kosher slaughterhouse in Hackeney Wick, East London was defaced last week with anti-Semitic graffiti, including the words “Kosher Holocaust” and a Star of David, the Jewish Chronicle reported Wednesday. An animal rights group, East London Chicken Save, is behind the act.

The same group planned a November 8 incident captured on video and uploaded to YouTub. Activists initially protested peacefully but then returned and verbally abused the abattoir’s employees, referring to them as “bastards” who were “helping to kill babies.”

“We could understand the first protest,” Shimon Cohen, the director of Shechita UK, was quoted as saying by Jewish News. “We don’t agree with them, but if you want to protest against eating animals, that is your right. But with the second, they have proved they are nothing more than a bunch of anti-Semitic vandals who will end up arrested.”

On its Facebook page, East London Chicken Save says its primary goal is “to raise awareness in the London area and give the chickens a much-needed voice.”

According to the group, “the Save Movement is rapidly growing and is today global with hundreds of people attending vigils every week, and more locations being planned.”


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